Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy birthday, Padawan

We celebrated the birthday of my eldest yesterday. It was his 11th, so we joke that alas, he is a muggle since he didn't get his owl for Hogwarts (bonus geek points to you if you get that!). We plenty of geeky things in place of the owl, including our traditional birthday outing to Space Aliens for dinner.

Here is a recent layout I did celebrating my eldest:

A few years ago I bought Star Wars Crafts on Black Friday at the Mall of America. Since then I've made crafts for both boys, but Rowan is particular is obsessed with them, especially the stuffed animals. I made a tooka doll, and my mom made him a washcloth wampa. Later he asked for a bantha; I needed a model so he built one out of cardboard for me. I put this page together to remember this phase in his life, just in case he outgrows his love of all things cuddly Star Wars.

Here's some details:

Amazingly, when I planned this page, I forgot to  print a picture of the FIRST Star Wars craft. I had already made the page when I realized this, so I printed it small and tucked it under one of the two. I numbered the photos to assist the story, since the photos are out of order.

The title I cut on my Cameo using Baronesse font, I think. It's a little retro, which is nice for Star Wars. And stitching through the middle of chevron? Love it.

I was near the end of my Studio Calico August kit with this page, so I cobbled together a title with all the alphas I had left. It looks a little crafty as a result, which I liked.

The journaling I added as strips, inking the edges a bit in blue.

Thank you for checking out my page! This past week was busy with birthday planning for us, so next week will see more blog updates. And in the next couple weeks I plan a giveaway!

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Michelle said...

Harry Potter fans too, eh? :) Happy birthday to Rowan!!! I love the page. The stars all over really add to the Star Wars theme. Such fun critters he chose too.

As for the Harry Potter, I think Ben will be getting into those movies. We recently let him watch the first one. He is only 6. So, we weren't sure what he'd think. But, I figured with him having watched the original 3 Star Wars movies over and over, he may like the HP movies. We kept it to the first one, as I am not sure if the others would scare him.