Monday, October 21, 2013

Merry boo! Holiday scrapping

I keep a few Iris containers I got at Michaels for my themed supplies. What themes do I keep separate? Halloween, Christmas, Travel, Camping (we do that enough for a separate bin), and school. I thought I'd share a couple themed pages I did recently.

Since Halloween is coming up, I thought I'd share this page that I made of my boys last year. They always have an epic battle before trick or treating, and I take some pictures, mainly because the trick or treat photos will stink because it's too dark at, say 5 o'clock on Halloween. (Darn Northern hemisphere.) I usually mix and match supplies, but here I used October Afternoon's Witch Hazel, which had just come out. Here's some details:

I love how stitching a frame, either hand or machine, adds a nice texture to a page.

Next, this is one of the first pages I made of Christmas last year. It's actually more winter than Christmas, but I had fun using Fancy Pants Designs' Merry Little Christmas on it. Here's the page;

I printed this Instagram photo 12x12 and scrapped a corner of it, something I love to do. I love how the photo shows my husband and older boy shoveling together, one of many snowy shoveling sessions we would have last winter, which lasted until May (May! Argghh!). Here's the details:

Thank you for checking out my holiday pages! Please share: do you scrap using themed products? How do you organize them? Leave a comment to give everyone new ideas!

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Michelle said...

Great pages Jen. Are you ready for more snow already?? Up in Danbury, WI yesterday they got dumped on. When I picked up Ben from school today, the secretary told me is was coming down heavy in Ellsworth. I am not ready for winter being once the rain finally left mid to late June, it gave us a very short season of warm weather. Thanks for the cake info too. :)