Sunday, September 16, 2018

Blogging again...Finally!

Well, this was an unintentional break I took. Nothing disastrous, nothing monumental, just life taking over a bit and making it harder for me to scrapbook and post. So what have I been doing these past six months?

  1. Reading. I set an ambitious reading goal for myself this year--42 books. I read about 15 this summer. Some of my favorites were The Hate U Give, Disclaimer, and Luckiest Girl Alive.
  2. Traveling. We didn't do a big family vacation this summer, but we did do several small trips. My first was a big trip to Maine with Dominic, where we helped my parents sort through and cull things in their basement, garage, and RV. Last winter my father had a series of strokes, and though he is less incapacitated, my mother is now his full-time caregiver, so I wanted to make their lives a little easier to manage. This trip helped make that happen. Later in the summer we also went to Maplewood State Park in Minnesota, then later in the summer we went to Holland, Michigan, to spend time with Derick's family. We rounded out the summer with a state fair trip.
  3. Participating in a summer musical. Derick and I spent many, many hours late last spring and this summer rehearsing and singing in the choir in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, put on by a local group called Bunce Backyard Productions. It was terrific. The music was wonderful, and we met some terrifically fun and talented people. That occupied a lot of our time this summer!
Some other, smaller things included recovering from injuries that are included in the category of "getting older"--a sprained back, microtears in the meniscus of my knee, and tennis elbow--and getting used to not having my work computer to do blogging and writing on (we changed devices this fall). Right now I am writing on our   V   E   R   Y      O   L   D       and   V     E    R    Y      S      L      O      W   Mac that we will be replacing later this year. Thank goodness.

When I logged into this computer I found several blog posts that I had started but not finished. Heh. I'll be getting back to posting those. (Confession: I thought I had posted them!) Until then, here's some pages I did for Simple Scrapper this very busy summer:

Thank you for visiting today! I hope to see you visit again as I get back into the groove of sharing what I create, even on a slow device.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Scrapbooking the same event in a new way

Many of the pages I make involve my family attending an event we got to every year. I struggle at times with the design--should I try to make it different or not? Most of the time I keep some things the same and switch the rest up. Here's an example of a page I made about our family attending the State Fair:

I always take a ton of photos at the state fair. I am sort of amazed I got it cut to 7 photos. The same: the big photo of the swing ride that I always take and I usually enlarge and highlight the boys in some way. 

For this layout, I used the January Studio Calico kit. I liked the combo of bright and delicate elements, which I thought would work well for this subject.

Here's some details, starting with the stitched circle of the boys:

I clustered a bunch of tags and stickers, layering them with dimensional stickers for greater interest.

Throughout I also added some sequins from my stash. I liked how they sort of look like candy sprinkles, the kind you will find at the fair.

So in scrapbooking the same event, don't shy away from doing it the same way. Keep your favorite design elements from previous pages, and feel free to adopt what you need to fit the design. And don't be afraid of scrapbooking just a few photos!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scrapbooking tranquility and peace

I love scrapbooking bigger photos. I do this when I see a photo that I particularly love which makes me happy. In this case it was this picture of a beautiful duck. I took this photo along a local lake that my husband and I walk around, and it looked so beautiful with the surrounding branches and the reflections that I took the picture, later printing it in 8x12, waiting for a story. Here's the page:

I used a story starter and sketch by Simple Scrapper for this. I also picked some products to reflect the story (pun intended): since we were on a walk, I picked travel products, including arrows to show direction; I picked gold accents that reflected much like the photo was of a reflection; and I used a scallop border, sort of like a wave. Here's some details:

So what did I use to scrap this tranquil photo and retain the mood? Here are some of my tips:

  1. Use fairly neutral colors.
  2. Use products from one or two lines that mesh with the theme.
  3. Use embellishments of various textures and sizes and shapes.
  4. Cluster embellishments into one big and one small cluster.
  5. Arrange the clusters to lead the eye through the page.
Thank you again for visiting! Please visit Simple Scrapper and check out all they have to offer this next month, including classes, inspiration, and a monthly magazine.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Scrapbooking the places we eat

I know there's a bad rap for people who take photos of the places they eat. I frankly don't care. I enjoy the food, and I enjoy the place, so I take picture so that I can remember the experience. Here are a few pages form the places I eat.

Last year I took the boys to Glam Doll donuts in Northeast Minneapolis. We love donuts, and we love Northeast, so it was a perfect match. I took some photos there and at home, and then I made this page. Here's the details:

I used bits from Ali Edwards' kit, then added from my stash.

This border combo I had lying around since a previous layout. I thought it would look good on the page since it looked sweet, so I added some yellow and pink scraps plus some sequins (sprinkles) to complete it.

Next is a page from a local pizza joint:

Again, I used the Ali Edwards kit, plus a story starter and sketch from Simple Scrapper. I added some people and food photos, plus some food-colored patterned paper and sequins for a yummy page. Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Science and Scrapbooking

Since today is Pi day, I thought I'd share my page from the last time we went to the Science Museum of Minnesota.

We have been members for several years, so I take a lot of pictures there. I think on this trip I  took at least 30 pictures. I do a lot of double-paged spreads from those, but this time I thought I'd pick my favorite photos from the Pixar exhibit, then a couple shots from our favorite places--the dino in the lobby and the rooftop porch that overlooks the river. Here's the page:

I had just gotten a series of soda-pop themed papers from Stamping' Up! so I decided to use them because they are bright and happy. I then dug through my die cuts for colorful accents, like the banner from Pinkfresh Studio and the stars, which I think are Studio Calico and Ali Edwards.

Thank you for visiting! Now it's time to celebrate math and eat pie.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saving photos to scrapbook later

Sometimes I print a photo because I love it, but I don't really have a reason to scrapbook it because I lack story. After some recent conversations with my cousins, I was inspired to write about the important role my cousins have played in my life. Here's the photo and the page:

I used a kit from Studio Calico that had some nice girly colors and patterns, plus some elements from the Ali Edwards kit named FABRIC. I created some strong lines with the papers to balance the frou-frou. I had a lot of story to tell, so I printed it on cardstock, cut it into strips, and stitches it to the page abutting the vertical patterned paper. running horizontal is a strip of vellum that I stapled onto the page. Here's some details:

I know I wanted to create a cluster with all the pretty embellishments in the kits, so once I decided on the design, I clustered them around the title and set the photo on top of it. I decided I needed to make use of some of my rub-ons, so I added a gold heart and some Jenni Bowlin butterflies.

Thank you for visiting and letting me share this page with you! I hope it gives you ideas holding on to a favorite photo until you have a good story to write.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Scrapbooking Grandma

My parents live in another state, so we see them only a few times a year, mostly when we travel out.My father is more infirm, so my mother does more traveling. Last summer she visited to see the beautiful sights in Minnesota. I made this page for her to remember the event.

Every time she comes out, we take a photo by this tree at church. It makes a nice backdrop. I used Ali Edwards' kit for this. Note: this was probably the last time my youngest was shorter than grandma. Here's some details:

The journaling take worked as a good home for the title. The hearts were notepad sheets; I layered them to frame the photo.

The silver stars came with the kit; I added epoxy hearts from my stash.

After I put together the page, I thought I needed more color, so I found some striped paper in my scraps to use and draw the eyes across the page.