Saturday, November 15, 2014

Scrapbooking giveaway!

I purged my stash recently and found a few things I LOVE but I either no longer use or have doubles of. I put them together and would like to give them away! Here it is:

I have a box fill of random goodies and a pad of October Afternoon's Public Library 8x8 paper. If you would like a chance to win one of these, eave a comment telling me something about you and November. I will draw TWO winners Friday, November 21 at 8 P.M. CST. Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Two more pages for November's Scrapbook Circle

One week is down already, but I wanted to share two more pages I made for Scrapbook Circle's November kit Little Moments:

This first was a favorite photo I took walking the local arboretum. This bridge, which connects a neighborhood to the arb, is exquisite. I love this shot, and I loved using the embellishments from the November add-on Home Sweet Home as a border. It's like cascading leaves to me.

This next page I made for Write Click Scrapbook's November gallery. I love the shine in the photo, the theme for the gallery, and I added some gold stickers for even more shine. The page is for my mother's birthday this month, which is why I added the quilted background. She's a big quilter, and I wanted the page to look pretty like she is. I used more of the add-on Sweetness for this one, including cutting up the 6x6 papers into 1-inch blocks for the quilt.

Thank you for checking out these pages! I have a giveaway planned soon, so come back next week for a chance to get some Happy Mail!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

November pages for Simple Scrapper

I want to share my two pages for Simple Scrapper. Here they are:

First, this page took inspiration from a truly awesome sketch. I'd meant to make the page about my older boy and me, but I had a picture of all three of us, so the purpose grew. (My eldest is not as tall as I am BTW. I'm ducking.) I'm glad to get my handwriting on this page. I used Scrapbook Circle's November kit for this page, the main plus Home Sweet Home add-on for the letters and tag and the 6x6 pad for Sweetness.

And then for something a bit simpler. I have been meaning to tell this story for a while, but I've lacked photos. A prompt and sketch at Simple Scrapper gave me an idea, so I took photos at our table when we went out to eat one day and used them on the page. I like the simplicity of the page; I think it calls attention to their goofiness. I loved breaking out the stamps for this one too. Kicking myself for not putting a hyphen in AT-AT.

Thank you for checking out my Simple Scrapper pages! This sure has been a busy month for me. Whew! My papers are winding down, so November should be easier. Be sure to visit Simple Scrapper and look at their gallery for November when it goes love next month; I've seen some of the pages, and they are amazing.

Monday, October 27, 2014

My November pages for Scrapbook Circle!

Now that the new kit is up at Scrapbook Circle, I wanted to share what I made. Here is the kit, Little Moments:

And here are some of the pages I've made with the kit:

I made this spread first. I like making two-page layouts, but mine tend to be linear, so I challenged myself to try it a little differently. I also used some memorabilia--a map--on the page. I mostly used the main kit with some of add-on one Home Sweet Home and a little of add-on two Sweetness.

And then I made this page about our new member of the family, a calico kitten named Pepper. She is just like a puppy, except able to get on the counters. I love how the jewel tones in the Kelly Purkey Basic Grey line mesh so well with the autumn line by Bella Blvd. In addition to the main, I also used a bit of the Home Sweet Home add-on for tags and Sweetness for epoxy.

Next a page I had intended to be a two pager, but with the photos sized at 4x3, I didn't need two-pages, so I shrunk it to one. Again I used memorabilia--the gorgeous tee time ticket from the Walker Art Museum--and the hues inspired me to pick out the Kelly Purkey Basic Grey line. A little bit of Home Sweet Home with this one, a whole bunch of the main.

And finally a page about my eldest. The currents are a popular topic by several bloggers (search for it on Pinterest for ideas), and my son loves giving me answers to these prompts a few times a year. I love seeing him evolve as he grows older. I used Home Sweet Home for this page as well as Sweetness. I love framing photos with embellishments.

I also used the kit to make two more layouts. I'll post those later this week and add them to my gallery at Scrapbook Circle.

Thank you for checking out my pages! Please head to Scrapbook Circle to check out next month's kit and be inspired as the Ideas get uploaded this week.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I spent the month throwing away some scrapbook layouts

I am still here! I haven't done much scrapbooking this month, just doing some scrapbooking organization. Let me explain:

I have been meaning to remove the Christmas pages from the family albums and put them in their own books that will be stored away once Christmas is over. I started taking the pages out, then started removing the pages of my husband too--not for any nefarious purpose, just to give him his own album.

Once I was done, I started moving the pages together so that there were no blank spots. This freed up a couple albums, which became my husband's. (I still have to find nice albums for the Christmas pages.) As I moved pages, I found some that I hated. Not for the design, though that did happen occasionally. No, I hated pages for a few reasons:
  1. I tried a technique that was HOT at the time that just looked like junk when I tried it.
  2. I had created the page just to use up supplies, mostly with kit remnants.
  3. I had created the page, not because I had a story, but to use up photos left over from other layouts.
Some pages I just threw out. Some, though, had some photos I liked, so I redid the pages. Here are a few of them:

This photo came from a page that used a technique I didn't care for. I think I also used up a kit to make it too. I kept the design simple and subdued and picked weathered products to fit the Instagram filter I used.

And here was another one I did a technique I hated. I used wintery colors to fit the time period and picked products that seemed a little vintage-y to go with the whole castle motif.

Finally comes a page I made with random photos I loved from various pages, pages that I hated. Many of these were table of contents pages I no longer needed; some were from pages without stories (here the boys are eating watermelons! Or eating popsicles!) I kept the photos and put them on a page and reflected on why I loved them. If you can't read the stickers that I stitched down as journaling, here's what it says: "When I look back at these photos, I love to see how happy we are and what good times we spent together." If you can read it, you'll notice I forgot to put one of those words on the page. Oh well. :-)

So you know, Paperclipping Roundtable recently talked about this issue, throwing away or redo-ing pages. Go listen to the podcast to hear what they had to say about the issue.

I have one more page that I redid, one with photos I loved but a technique I hated. I used products I had just gotten for a guest design team spot I'll be on in November. I'll share that one next month!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The power of a grid

We went to the Renaissance Fair this year (we trade off between that and the State Fair every year), and of course, I ended up with a ton of photos. I tend not to design my pages before I print photos, but I have two habits I followed here:
  1. I print my favorite shot bigger
  2. I print all other photos the same, smaller size
I don't print my own photos--I have a crappy printer, and I don't like how much ink printing photos uses--so I order from a good, local printer and pick them up.

After I printed the photos, this was the page I made with them:

I didn't have two of the same paper, so I used two different sheets of patterned paper.  I also had a LOT of smaller photos, but too many to put in a line--a favorite technique of mine--so I decided to use a grid. Putting one big photo on one side of the page and making the other page a grid is a nice way to fit lots of photos, in this case 10. Here's some details:

I left two squares in the grid blank to add embellishments and journaling, something I like to do to break up the grid a bit.

Thank you for checking out my page! I hope it gives you ideas for including many photos in a two-page layout, as well as highlighting a favorite photo in the same layout.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October reveal for Scrapbook Circle

I've spent the last couple weeks playing with this colorful Scrapbook Circle kit, On This Day, so I want to share the pages I made with them. Here they are:

This first I used mostly the add-on Right Now; I cut some of the 6x6 pad into 2x2 squares and created a quilt, which reminded me of my grandmother.

I like making two-page layouts, so I enjoyed using all these 4x3 photos of our trip to the Sculpture Gardens for this page. Too many fun photos to pick a focal point, so I made them all the same size. Lots of fun with colors and trim from Right Now and Good Times.

Here I had some fun with a page about my dog Lola. Mostly the main kit, plus some goodies from Good Times and Right Now.

Finally, a page about my boys and their local lake. I picked the cork paper from the main to signify the beach, plus the paper and embellishments to signify the happiness of summer.

This is what I love about the kit: it has the traditional warm hues for autumn, but it also has brightness enough for summer and spring. And if you want to use it for winter? It has enough color to bring you out of the doldrums. Visit Scrapbook Circle to check out the kit, the add-ons, and the digital add-ons to bring some color to your pages.