Saturday, September 17, 2016

October scrapbook layouts for Simple Scrapper

The school year has started again, and it is a little early for papers for me to grade, which is good, since my classes are larger (30-34 in most). I am hosting a student teacher, who is off to a great start. I am getting back into the groove of working during the day and scraping at night. Here are some of my recent pages, both for Simple Scrapper:

This was a new story starter about caregiving. I wrote about a challenge: my boys leaving scraps everywhere. I took a not-stellar photo then scrapped and journaled over it to tell the story.

A moment of situational irony: as I took my tool kit off the bookshelf, the one that holds my wood veneer shapes that I wanted to use on the page, I found another one of these dang cough drop wrappers squirreled away.

I picked this paper because of the word "modifications," which appears many times on the paper. Picking up their scraps is a modification I would like the boys to make!

Next is a page that may be one of my favorites from the summer:

Used two single-page sketches and put them together on this two-page layout about a recent beach trip that ended up with my son stealing food from the thieving gulls and shouting "Mine!"

I love this movie. So many quotes...

I keep some Iris bins with themed products--Christmas, Halloween, School, Camping, and Vacation. I dug exclusively into my vacation bin for this layout. It prolonged summer for me, which made me happy. I used mainly old Little Yellow Bicycle, October Afternoon, and Fancy Pants for the page.

Yes, the gulls really did that.

I layered wallet-sized photos on top of 3x4 Project Life-ish cards. I LOVE this. It was so easy to create a coloful, eclectic background, and I am going to  do it again.

That little wave there was a scrap from another project. I usually kick myself for saving teeny scraps like this, but I'm happy it paid off this time.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you go visit Simple Scrapper to check out their membership. They have many story starters and templates/sketches for inspiration, plus a monthly digital magazine and an active online community. Check it out, and also visit Amazon to check out The New Rules of Scrapbooking, a book written by Jennifer Wilson from Simple Scrapper..

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New scrapbooking pages at Write Click Scrapbook

Some more scrapbooking I did this past month included working some pages up for Write Click Scrapbook. We took a summer break and are back with weekly blogging. Stop by for some inspiration!

During the Olympics, we had some events ourselves. Here's a page I made as a part of a relay race:

I LOVED the bright green in the Rio Olympics (well, not in the pool). I used it as a pop of color on this otherwise mostly yellow-and-neutral page.

I am trying to use my Project Life cards more. These are from Pinkfresh Studio, as are the wood stickers. I like using them to frame the photo.

Next, my gallery page about my scrapbooking group and our mini-vacations to the Pine City Scrapbooking Company:

I used travel papers for this, which made it easy to design, digging into just one Iris container for my supplies.

This week I'm blogging at Write Click Scrapbook, sharing my vacation album and how I plan it. I've blogged about it before, but I am going into more detail this time.  Please stop by to check out what has been going on!

Monday, September 5, 2016

September scrapbook pages for Simple Scrapper

Hello! August has been a whirlwind. Between my husband going away to GenCon (a gamers' convention) and going away for work and the family going away on vacation, I have been rushing around, getting the most out of the summer and hurriedly finishing up what I need to--namely, back to school shopping and planning for teaching.

I have scrapbooked a little. Here are my pages for Simple Scrapper September:

This page made me smile. Lousy pictures, but they tell a funny story about the relationship between my cat and my son's lizard. She's not hunting him; she is fascinated by him. I used a new story starter and old sketch to tell the story of this simple pleasure.

Next is a page about my son's good work at the church rummage sale. He did a terrific job organizing the shoes and purses for sale, all by himself. (As a side comment, his room is NOWHERE near this organized--where did these mad organizational skillz come from? Where has he been hiding them?) I used a new sketch and old story starter for this.

I have been doing a lot of hand journaling lately.

Those are my pages for Simple Scrapper this month! Please go over and investigate--every month your subscription comes with templates, story starters, and a digital magazine with original pages.

Monday, July 25, 2016

August pages for Simple Scrapper

I've been doing more than scrapbooking past vacations. Here are my pages from August's Simple Scrapper:

The theme is EXPLORE. I used my travel products to scrapbook my mother's and my trip around the Twin Cities, most especially to the Midtown Global Market and the Bachelor Farmer Cafe. (Interesting note: the Midtown Global Market is in the old Sears building, which was empty for years. My husband used to call the previously empty building the Gates of Mordor. From the middle photo, maybe you can see why.

I used a sketch to celebrate something I love: visiting Twin Cities' restaurants. Mother's Day we went to Revival, which cooks amazing fried chicken.

I used a lot of scraps on this page. And can I tell you how much I love using ledger paper for the background? Plus: check out that PIE!

Thank you for seeing my pages! Please visit Simple Scrapper and see all the inspiration that is there. Remember: Every month a full sized digital magazine filled with layouts, sketched, and story starters awaits each member.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Vacation album: pocket pages

A few days ago I wrote about a vacation from 2011 that I FINALLY scrapbooked and put in an album. That was the typical way of doing it for me. The next album I had to make was a weeklong-trip to Itasca State Park in Minnesota, not as lengthy as our typical vacations. as a result, I decided to try something new and do a pocket album. This is REALLY new for me--I've never done a whole pocket album--and here is the result:

I started by selecting my products, mostly The Great Outdoors Project Life set of cards, plus digging into my Camping bucket of supplies. The I selected the album, a 6x8 Daily Flash Album by October Afternoon. I went through the different pocket protectors to see the options, then planned the pages according to how many photos I had of each event. If I took a lot of photos, I used a page protector with more space. Here's a sketch of my planning:

And here's the album:

Like most vacation albums I make, my first page is a title page and table of content. Unlike most albums I make, my title was a photo of the State Park sign, and I handwrote the journaling, including the contents.

This album I did a little different from my usual album: I didn't use the same products for the title each time. Since Project Life cards are rounded, I tended to round the corners of what backed them and some of the photos, but not always. If there were odd shaped pockets, I tended to fit them with patterned paper from the same line From Pebbles called Lakeside, my favorite camping line ever.

Hiking was the big story, so I did a 4-page layout.

One thing I learned about these small photos: you need to pick something with a noticeable subject for them. I think I did this for the most part, but the prints turned out a little dark, so some shots are a bit harder to see than I would prefer.

One thing I learned: Measure the pockets! Not all are the exact size they seem. For example, the big photo sleeves are a bit bigger than 6x8. I sized all photos  (excepting 4x6's) on standard-sized templates using Photoshop Elements. I just had to do bigger than 6x8 for the big ones. I put those on an 8x10 print.

I like using dimensional accents on my pages, but I couldn't do that too much in this album. My embellishments served purposes on some of the photos: this tree crest, for example, covers garbage cans, and the label cluster on the previous photo covers a lady's bottom. Here's the rest of the pages:

Some of the smaller pockets I filled with patterned paper. Others I trimmed up Project Life cards and rounded the corners.

Again, my typical final page on the back cover, using an envelope to store maps and other memorabilia. I added a sticker on dimensional just because.

Thank you for coming back to see my more recent vacation album! I still have two vacations left to scrap, but I feel much better about finishing what I have left. I hope I gave you ideas from this project!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vacation album: traditional scrapbook

Last summer I took a course at Simple Scrapper dedicated to finishing projects. I got a lot done, but I'm still working on it. This past summer I finished a 2010 Disney vacation album, and this spring I finished my 2011 South Dakota album. Here it is:

I used an 8.5x11 post bound album, my traditional choice. Also my traditional choice: I used one line (October Afternoon's Sasparilla) and I used the same design throughout the album: one page with a couple photos, title, and journaling, the other with a photo collage I made in Photoshop Elements (to see how I do this, watch this video I made showing how to do this). Here are the interior pages:

I start with a title/table of contents page. I tend to type my journaling and content, print in the same color as the background paper, then trim out and distress the edges. I also tend to use a family photo on this page.

If I have a lot of photos, I don't narrow it down: I make a 4-page layout like I did here.

(On a side note, it was a grown-up DREAM of mine to visit all these Laura Ingalls Wilder sites on this trip. Every winter I reread The Long Winter. Mad props to my husband for scheduling the trip so that we could do this.)

(Sorry for the bad photography--the pages are double sided and were so chunky that they wouldn't lie flat, so when I cropped then, occasionally I had to include the background.)

You'll notice that I print the photo collage smaller than 8.5x11--I think it's about 7x9.5? That leaves a white border of 1/4" that I trim, and then I mount it on a piece of cardstock 1/4" wider all around. This leaves 1/4" all around of the background paper. The piece of cardstock varies throughout the album--here green and blue. 

I tend not to use stickers for the titles throughout because there are not enough E's in the universe. I tend to stamp or die cut. Here I used my Cameo to cut titles using the Wacamoler font. It's free! (Autocorrect, I was not searching for Guacamole font, thankyouverymuch.) Here's the rest of the pages:

You'll notice at this point that I alternate the title and journaling location on the left side, which is on top and which is on bottom. I also come up with about three combos of papers on the left side that I alternate to vary the album a bit. I always like one big strip next to a couple skinny strips.

(That mule photo on the left with my husband in the rear view miter might be my favorite vacation picture ever.)

At the end, I sometimes run out of the background yardstick like I did here. Since scrap stores are so few, and I don't want to buy one sheet online, I tend to use the scraps from the paper trimming I did earlier in the album to piece it together around, not under, the collage. I did this on the above page.

On the last page I usually use a couple photos that didn't make it onto the other pages. At least one will include family members from behind. For me that's a little symbolic, sort of looking back on vacation. I don't always journal this page, but sometimes I pick a quotation that fits our trip. I didn't do that here.

Facing the last page is something I always do: I trim the flap off a big envelope, attach it with Super Sticky Tape, then put maps, postcards, and other memorabilia from the trip. (On a side note, these albums from Archiver's were my favorite vacation albums. I wish I'd bought 10. Sigh.)

Thank you for checking out my album! I hope it gave you ideas. I also did another vacation album this summer, this time a little differently. I'll post it later this week. If it's as hot tomorrow as it was today, I will not be stepping outside much.