Sunday, January 6, 2019

Back again! Pages from October scrap retreat

Hello! Once again I went to a scrap retreat and scrapped a bunch of pages. Once again I was overwhelmed by life and haven'tposted them. Sigh. I'll get it together. Here are some pages about me:

I don't like scrapbooking Mother's Day as a stand-alone page, but I do like scrapping it as an event. Here we are playing the card game Marrying Mr. Darcy. I used an old Studio Calico kit for this.

I told one of my boys' favorite family stories, about the time my hair caught fire while camping. I used some October afternoon, American Crafts, and Pebbles camping products.

This page I love. For the past two months our family has been clearing out the entire living space for our family to put in hardwood floors. (And then we put it back, which has basically been the last two months for me. No scrapbooking for me!) I found a few preschool love notes from the boys, so I put them together on this page with a recent photo. I used a KI Memories envelope on the back for the projects and included some of their bon mots in the journaling.

A page I started then stopped because I wasn't sure what to say. I decided to focus on what made it typical and to take some gusses.

Finally, a page about my husband and me and some of our dates in the past year. I like compilation pages like this. Mostly Ali Edwards on this page.

And Those are some pages about me! I'll be back to share some family pages, then a page that shares something tough from the last two months.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Scrapbooking the youngest

And here's the final pages from my scrap retreat last spring, this time my youngest. Here they are:

Because I was in the market for a new car, we went to the Mpls. Auto Show. While there, Dominic enjoyed a race car simulation. I had to scrap it!

Next us a page showing Dominic reading. He goes through phases where he gets obsessed with reading. This time his teacher, whom he loved, loved Harry Potter, so he went back and finished the series.

And another birthday page, this time for my 14-year-old. I had a lot of fun using products and cards from my Kelly Purkey kits, which I started subscribing to this year. These products worked well for the theme.

Thank you for visiting and seeing the belated pages from last spring's retreat! I look forward to sharing the pages I scrapped from my fall retreat (at a much faster rate than last spring!).

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Scrapbooking the eldest

I wanted to share some pages from the scrap retreat last spring. (I went on another glorious retreat this fall, and I'll start sharing those pages soon!) Here's some pages I made about my eldest.

Last year (and this!) my son ran cross country. After he was done, he decided to join Nordic skiing with his friends from XC, and he found his real passion. This is a celebration of his times skiing last year.

Next is a small but fun story: my son loves putting fruit stickers in hard-to-find places. That's the not-fun part. The fun part: I found some and, instead of blowing a gasket, I stuck one on him. And took a picture. He had no clue. Revenge is a dish best served cold. With fruit stickers.

On a lighter note: Rowan has become enamored with Bob Ross. He was on Netflix, and he couldn't get enough. So a surprise birthday present for him was a Bob Ross Pop figurine. Another earlier surprise: meeting an impersonator hawking the game at GenCon. The triad of photos was completed when I asked the boys to do something creative before asking for electronics in the summer. He asked for my scrap paper and created this collage. The title was an obvious choice.

Finally, a page about his 15th birthday. He wanted to celebrate at Surly Brew Hall (root beer for him, and he loves their burgers), so we had a good evening celebrating his day. I picked fall themed stuff for the day.

Thank you for visiting! I'll soon share page about my other son, the youngest.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Scrapbooking favorite places

If I had to pick some important places in my life, my home state of Maine would be up there, as would my alma mater, St. Olaf. Another big place: the Mall of America. This was, after all, where I met my husband. As a result, we love to go back several times a year.

On these two pages I scrapped this special pace. First, I scrapbooked a time we visited:

I picked some favorite shots, then added some journaling and embellishments. A typical page.

Next I wanted to scrap some favorite stops at the mall. I took pictures of signs and put them together into a grid layout:

I used an Ali Edwards kit focusing on the details to support the page. I found that using my shape punches on Project Life cards adds nice, inique embellishments.

Thank you for stopping bY I hope you make some pages celebrating some favorite places of your own.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Scrapbooking my life (and my husband's)

I am trying to spend more time scrapbooking my husband. I tend to scrapbook the family and myself more than him, so I wanted to share a page I made about his work space recently.

His desk is so uniquely him, I took pictures and scrapped it. I dug into my Ali edwards' kits and Project Life cards in particular to scrapbook this.

This page is a brief recap of a big injury I sustained Nordic skiing last winter: the day after a thaw (everything had frozen again), I kept falling while I skied, ending up spraining my back, among other injuries. The memories of skiing were still good, so I tried to use upbeat colors and pleasant patterns.

Finally, when I visited my home last winter and attended church, I took pictures of images within the church that had stuck with me growing up. I recorded my memories of these images from my formative faith years.

I hope this gives you ideas in scrapbooking stories of yourself and those significant to you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Scrapbooking pets

Hello, me again, sharing some pages I have made.

At the scrap retreat, I had brought several photos of my pets, so I decided to make some pages with them. Here they are:

This is a story of the cat trying to scavenge food (in this case, fried chicken being prepared) and being caught in the act. I used an Ali Edwards kit plus an old Gossamer Blue Kit to record the story.

This isn't really a story, just an opportunity to record some darling photos of my typically non-photogenic dog. Hey--I stamped on a page! I'm trying to do that more and more. This page I made with lots of scraps and old products.

Thanks for stopping by again! I still have pages left from my old scrap retreat to share.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

The glory of scrapbooking retreats

Last spring I went on a scrap retreat with some girlfriends to Wisconsin. I say spring, but it was late winter: This was the storm that dropped two feet in my town of Maple Grove! We ended up staying an extra day, and on the drive back, we noticed that all the power lines held sideways icicles, and the medians held numberous car wrecks. Thank goodness we stayed an extra day!

Here's some pages from the retreat:

This is probably my favorite: a basic grid layout of my spring break with the family in Minnesota.

This page documents one of my husband's favorite things from our trip to Hawaii last year: diagonal crosswalks.

Finally, a page recording a local full lunar eclipse. I missed the solar eclipse because of clouds, but this one I saw! NOTE: NOT MY PHOTOS! I downloaded them online and scrapped them.

I have more to share from this retreat, so I'll share them this month!