Friday, January 12, 2018

Scrapbooking the year

Every year I do a retrospective layout on the big events from the year. Usually I design the page based on leftover photos I haven't scrapped. This year, I was more purposeful with my photo printing and had very few leftover. As a result, I went through the year in photos and selected the ones that for me represented our family's year. Here it is:

I used an Ali Edwards kit for this, one regarding the end of the year. I used it on my last year review page as well. Here are some details:

The title was foam, so I stapled it on. I couldn't reach far enough, so I glued the last letter. Fortunately, I still had enough numbers for the year!

I like laying down stickers and sewing them down. This kit also had chipboard, which you can also sew down. I just do it slowly with the hand wheel to make it even.

Thank you for visiting! I spent a lot of time editing photos this weekend, and I will share many more pages these coming weeks.

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