Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Documenting Christmas cards

Every year I save the Christmas cards with photos and turn them into a layout. I have albums just for Christmas pages, and I put them in there. I've been behind lately. Here's the pages I worked on over winter break:

This first one was complete, until I got a few late cards. I added a 6x12 page with the remaining photos. I keep my themed products (Christmas, camping, travel, Halloween, school) in Iris containers, so I fortunately still had the green paper for the bottom. I had no more of the plaid on the upper right, so I found a similar plaid and used it.

This next page came from two years ago (I was behind!). I have a TON of Christmas products--many years on design teams guaranteed lots of product--but I still got the new Christmas line from Stampin' Up!, the one with blacks and greens. I added silver and touches of red from other Christmas lines I had.

I also made the pages for 2017 as well, but I'm holding on to see if I have any late cards before posting them and putting them in albums.

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