Monday, January 15, 2018

Same page different boy

Not too often, but occasionally I make a page about the same subject with both boys Here are the pages I made regarding a virtual eality game they played at the Mall of America. First, Rowan:

(You can sew through chipboard! Just use the hand tool.)

Here's the page I made about Dominic:

I used Ali Edwards kits for both boys, just different ones.

Here's some hints I learned about making two pages about the same subject for different people without making the exact same page:

  1. Do them on separate days.
  2. Select one aspect of each story you want to focus on, and choose product to fit that subject (the kits I picked were themed FUN for Dominic and LENS for Rowan; those fit each boy's story).
  3. Choose background/dominant colors first to reflect the emotion in the pages.
  4. Show the pages to your subjects and allow them to give you feedback and ideas.
So those are my pages about the same subject! I hope it gives you ideas to scrap the same idea but in different ways.

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