Sunday, July 3, 2016

Scrapbook layouts from the latest scrap retreat

Hello! I wanted to share the rest of the pages I made at my scrap retreat in April. Here they are:

This one I started at my first retreat and finished at the second. It was sort of my Autism Awareness page I made every April about my son's progress. This year I wrote about a new friend he met this year and went trick-or-treating with.

Next a page about a dog we took care of this past winter. Apparently we only dog sit for dogs named Reggie. Heh. I took a ton of pictures of him while he was here, mostly of him sleeping on the couch, but this one was my favorite, so I just used it.

My sons took care of my friend's son last summer. It was a big deal for them all, so I scrapped this. A real simple page. FYI, by the end of the night, only the toddler was awake. He wore out both of my sons.

*You'll notice I used a lot of Project Life on these pages. I brought the cards with me with the express goal of making a dent in them. Concentrated de-stashing.

Just because I took some photos last year when Star Wars came out.

This is a basic design I like to use a lot: a strip of photos, journaling along the side, and a photo on the bottom with the title.

No journaling here. I just wanted to commemorate my husband teaching my sons how to tie a tie.

Finally, a really bad photo to remember something funny: my son LOVES my parents' cuckoo clock. He stops everything to watch it go. Since the photo was so bad (very orange), I printed it with an action--maybe Pioneer Woman's Colorized?--and used warm, vintage colors and products.

I have two more two-page layouts I did, plus a couple albums. I'll share them as the month goes on.

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