Tuesday, June 21, 2016

July pages for Simple Scrapper

I'm continuing my past due blogging--finally! I mentioned last time about getting caught up with teaching. I also had a couple other things that tied me up: 1) getting a newer version of PSE, so I've been transferring photos over and coming to the uncomfortable realization that my computer is too slow and old and I need to start saving up for a new, faster computer, and 2) I got Lasik. It went well, but my left eye got some oil trapped under the lend, which makes it feel like I have a dirty contact on all the time and gives me a bit of a headache. I will have to wait for my eye to absorb the oil for it to get better, which my eye is taking it's good, sweet time on. Sigh. Back to blogging, a bit at a time!

Now that I've shared my last two months for Simple Scrapper, I want to share what's in the hopper for next month:

This is a page I've meant to make for a while, but it took me a while to find the sleepy photos on the right in my computer. I used scraps for the page, aside from the background paper, and I love how happy the colors are. The photo on the left I had lying around after I didn't use it on a past project, and since we were at a breakfast place, where Dominic ordered pancakes, it seemed to fit perfectly, especially since it's a page about his dad teaching him how to make pancakes.

This page came about through the story starter for July, which is about sunshine. We haven't had a lot of it this spring, which has made my garden very happy. I included some of my favorite recent photos of my garden, a couple of which I had taken in the rain. The title popped into my head; it's a song, but I don't even remember who sang it. It seemed perfect for the page. I loved stitching, but it gave me a headache looking for the holes I had punched (&#$@! eyeball).

Thank you for checking out my pages! If you have been missing scrapbooking magazines, check out Simple Scrapper; every month, membership brings a full digital magazine with lots of inspiration, plus access to story starters and sketches/templates. Inspiration is a click away!

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