Saturday, June 18, 2016

May and June pages for Simple Scrapper

Hello! I hang my head with shame at how late I am with blogging. School got really busy with me this spring, and now that it is out, I am working to catch up on posting my pages that I made on my two scrap retreats. I posted the ones from the first one; now I'll share the ones from Simple Scrapper these past few months, and then the pages I made at my last retreat. Here's the pages I made for May and June Simple Scrapper:

This was for a prompt on the 80s--that old Sassafrass paper was perfect! I enjoyed journaling for this, not so much finding old pictures of me with a perm. Gah.

I love this page. I used a photo from a lunch outing with the boys and journaled about a new tradition we're starting. These are the types of pages I'm doing more and more.

I actually did this page at the second scrap retreat, which I'll write about later this week. There's some hidden journaling that shares the solution of the case; I slit a pocket behind the photo to tuck the card in.

Another page I made at the second scrap retreat; I had struggled with how to use these photos, and the sketch gave me great ideas. I used Seakawks colors on the page. I also think I deserve serious props for scrapping this, since the 'Hawks beat my team.

That's some of the work I've done for Simple Scrapper this past spring! I'll share next month's pages later this week.

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alisonm said...

I pinned a mess of LOs, I love the way you get so many photos on to one page!