Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Two layouts, same subject

At my scrap retreat this spring, I made two layouts for my boys, both on the same subject, each for their own albums. I almost never do this, but they went to sleepaway camp for the first time, so I wanted their albums to have their own layouts. How did I do it?

  1. I purchased digital photos from the camp. I notice a lot of places do this. I then resized them into smaller photos to fit each boy's page.
  2. I dug into my themed paper. I don't have many themes, but I do have a Camping bucket. I pretty much exclusively used that one bucket to simplify product selection.
  3. I used a dramatic piece of paper for the background. Each layout has a dramatic piece of paper as the background, and the only way to make this work is to leave large portions uncovered. 
  4. I used basically the same design. It's hard to see, but both pages basically have all the photos smooshed to one side, and the rest of the space is open. The side is what differs.
  5. I had the boys do the journaling. When they returned from camp, I gave each boy a piece of paper, and I asked them to write their favorites from camp. That was my journaling, and it should spark some memories. The hardest part was reading the handwriting and understanding it months later.
Here's my youngest son's page, the first I completed:

Most of the products on both pages are October Afternoon, which is no longer releasing its camping line. You might be able to get it in a warehouse sale.

My eldest son's page I finished later since I had to cut the title, and that is a chore for me. I'm a pathetic cutter:

Each boy's page had 11 photos, which is a point of pride for me. Lots of detail and lots of stuff, but the lines keep them from looking busy.

Thank you for visiting! I have more vacation pages for the whole family I am planning on sharing. Stop by later!

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