Friday, April 3, 2015

All about the (scrapbooking) base

I mentioned earlier this week that I have scrapbooked in March but not shared much. Partly this came about because I was busy at work starting a new trimester, but also because I noticed a pattern with my pages: I had been using a similar design for each. Specifically, I've been using a strip of patterned paper to serve as a base for the photo and story. Here are the pages:

This first was the last page I made with a January kit, so I supplemented with stash quite a bit. I set the patterned paper block high on the pages, supported by strips, tape and twine. The journaling card and title spilled over into the white space below. Here's the details:

Next is maybe my favorite page, one I did to (finally!) record my Week-in-the-life last fall. I never take many photos when I do this--I forget when I am working--but this was still a snapshot of my life, so I recorded it. I made each photo 2.5 squared, making an embellishment square to fill out the grid. The block I set flush to the top and did the rest--title, journaling, embellishments--below.

About that label sticker: It is there only because I messed up the sewing underneath. Heh.

Next is the page I made to record my One Little Word for this year, Play. I did a few things differently here:

  1. I used many pieces of patterned paper for the block.
  2. I set it flush on the bottom.
  3. I added a few strips of the same patterned paper on the top for balance.
  4. I kept the journaling on a card within the block.

Here it is:

Next is a simpler page that I turned on its side: This time I ran the block vertical instead of horizontal, clustering the photos, journaling, and accents along the line.

Finally, a page about my other son, using much of the same paper and products as my One Little Word page. Design-wise, it is almost identical. The only differences are how I arranged the journaling and title, which transforms it into a new page:

Thank you for checking out my March designs! If you're like me and stress out about arranging your layouts into new designs, fret less and embrace the base.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Where did you get the paper with the highlighted phrases in the very first layout?!

alisonm said...

Everything is Awesome!!! That song is in my head now!

Jennifer Larson said...

Thank you for the nice comments! Regarding the paper: It's Maggie Holmes with Crate Paper. The collection is Open Book and the sheet is called Little Notes. Here's a link: