Saturday, April 11, 2015

Using the end of a kit

I love kits--I've bought and subscribed to many kits for about 7 years, and I now happily design for Scrapbook Circle. Recently I got a kit I didn't really like from Studio Calico, where I still subscribe. When I first start using a kit, I find it easy to make it fit my style, no matter what products are there. I thought I would share the last few pages I made with this kit I didn't care for to show how I made them fit my style, regardless of product.

Here is the first of the last pages I made with this kit.

They are doing a lot of construction at my school to prepare for new enrollment. I took a picture of my old office being dismantled and scrapped about my feelings about the change. Here's what I did that fit my style:

  1. I used an 8x12 photo of the office and scrapped on it.
  2. I used strips of patterned paper.
  3. I clustered the journaling and embellishments
  4. I sewed.
  5. I added sprinkles of sequins (this is a new thing for me).

The next page I actually got inspiration from while I was sorting leftover wood veneer letters. I was searching for ready-made words I could use as titles, and I found a COMPLETE set of numbers, 1-10. That inspired this page about my odd habits:

In addition to the style elements above, here's what I did to make this me:

  1. I cut pieces into circles.
  2. I stamped.
  3. I used strong lines. 

The next page is also a list. A few months ago I blogged about my loathe list at Write Click Scrapbook. Since this kit included a set of numbered labels, I used them as a base for the page:

Some more things that are me:

  1. White space.
  2. Mixed font title.
  3. Multiple patterned papers (look in the wood veneer photo block).

Finally, a page using some double photos my mom gave me. I have already scrapped the event, so I scrapped out love of art, taking inspiration from the title of a Facebook page.

Nothing really new in this page from what I added before. Just me keeping true to being me. :-)

Thank you for letting me share how I use products I'm not so keen on to make pages that are still true to me. I hope it inspires you to figure out what you love to do when you scrapbook so that you can make pages that you love, no matter what you use.

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