Sunday, October 5, 2014

The power of a grid

We went to the Renaissance Fair this year (we trade off between that and the State Fair every year), and of course, I ended up with a ton of photos. I tend not to design my pages before I print photos, but I have two habits I followed here:
  1. I print my favorite shot bigger
  2. I print all other photos the same, smaller size
I don't print my own photos--I have a crappy printer, and I don't like how much ink printing photos uses--so I order from a good, local printer and pick them up.

After I printed the photos, this was the page I made with them:

I didn't have two of the same paper, so I used two different sheets of patterned paper.  I also had a LOT of smaller photos, but too many to put in a line--a favorite technique of mine--so I decided to use a grid. Putting one big photo on one side of the page and making the other page a grid is a nice way to fit lots of photos, in this case 10. Here's some details:

I left two squares in the grid blank to add embellishments and journaling, something I like to do to break up the grid a bit.

Thank you for checking out my page! I hope it gives you ideas for including many photos in a two-page layout, as well as highlighting a favorite photo in the same layout.

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