Sunday, October 19, 2014

I spent the month throwing away some scrapbook layouts

I am still here! I haven't done much scrapbooking this month, just doing some scrapbooking organization. Let me explain:

I have been meaning to remove the Christmas pages from the family albums and put them in their own books that will be stored away once Christmas is over. I started taking the pages out, then started removing the pages of my husband too--not for any nefarious purpose, just to give him his own album.

Once I was done, I started moving the pages together so that there were no blank spots. This freed up a couple albums, which became my husband's. (I still have to find nice albums for the Christmas pages.) As I moved pages, I found some that I hated. Not for the design, though that did happen occasionally. No, I hated pages for a few reasons:
  1. I tried a technique that was HOT at the time that just looked like junk when I tried it.
  2. I had created the page just to use up supplies, mostly with kit remnants.
  3. I had created the page, not because I had a story, but to use up photos left over from other layouts.
Some pages I just threw out. Some, though, had some photos I liked, so I redid the pages. Here are a few of them:

This photo came from a page that used a technique I didn't care for. I think I also used up a kit to make it too. I kept the design simple and subdued and picked weathered products to fit the Instagram filter I used.

And here was another one I did a technique I hated. I used wintery colors to fit the time period and picked products that seemed a little vintage-y to go with the whole castle motif.

Finally comes a page I made with random photos I loved from various pages, pages that I hated. Many of these were table of contents pages I no longer needed; some were from pages without stories (here the boys are eating watermelons! Or eating popsicles!) I kept the photos and put them on a page and reflected on why I loved them. If you can't read the stickers that I stitched down as journaling, here's what it says: "When I look back at these photos, I love to see how happy we are and what good times we spent together." If you can read it, you'll notice I forgot to put one of those words on the page. Oh well. :-)

So you know, Paperclipping Roundtable recently talked about this issue, throwing away or redo-ing pages. Go listen to the podcast to hear what they had to say about the issue.

I have one more page that I redid, one with photos I loved but a technique I hated. I used products I had just gotten for a guest design team spot I'll be on in November. I'll share that one next month!

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