Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October reveal for Scrapbook Circle

I've spent the last couple weeks playing with this colorful Scrapbook Circle kit, On This Day, so I want to share the pages I made with them. Here they are:

This first I used mostly the add-on Right Now; I cut some of the 6x6 pad into 2x2 squares and created a quilt, which reminded me of my grandmother.

I like making two-page layouts, so I enjoyed using all these 4x3 photos of our trip to the Sculpture Gardens for this page. Too many fun photos to pick a focal point, so I made them all the same size. Lots of fun with colors and trim from Right Now and Good Times.

Here I had some fun with a page about my dog Lola. Mostly the main kit, plus some goodies from Good Times and Right Now.

Finally, a page about my boys and their local lake. I picked the cork paper from the main to signify the beach, plus the paper and embellishments to signify the happiness of summer.

This is what I love about the kit: it has the traditional warm hues for autumn, but it also has brightness enough for summer and spring. And if you want to use it for winter? It has enough color to bring you out of the doldrums. Visit Scrapbook Circle to check out the kit, the add-ons, and the digital add-ons to bring some color to your pages.

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Sandra said...

I would love to see a close-up of the today/this means the world to me embellishment cluster