Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Reclaimed pages, post-hard drive crash: part 2

Here's a couple more pages I never posted that I thought I'd lost on my hard drive when it crashed but recovered, thank you Carbonite.

This was my page last month for Write Click Scrapbook on the theme The Great Outdoors. I picked my favorite photos from our camping trip to Banning last year, enlarged my favorite, used antique-y and colorful papers from Lily Bee on a neutral background, then did some stitching to add motion. I also stitched over the title and curled the edges to add some dimension.

I love this page. The photo on the right I have scrapped before; this print I took off the board of school this past spring; it was taken about 7 years ago, so it was time to update it. Heh. I had recently taken the photo on the left and thought it would be nice to pair the two. I put the photos on a neutral background, used scraps from an old kit of my favorite color (yellow) plus coordinating hues, and then pulled whatever was lying around that seemed to match.

To embellish, I followed an old embellishing formula of mine:
  1. Start with something flat--a sticker
  2. Add something dimensional--raised stickers and buttons
  3. Finish with texture--stitches and thread
I think I gave this page to my father for Father's Day; I thought he would like the page of the boys growing up.

Thanks for checking out another couple of pages recovered from the abyss! I'll share more tomorrow, plus a super deal from Scrapbook Circle.

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alisonm said...

I have a question about the larger photo in the Quarry LO; did you print a 12x12 and trim it down, or did you print a 6x12? Can you print a 6x12 or a 8x12 etc.? Persnickity?