Monday, August 4, 2014

Reclaimed pages, post-hard drive crash: part 1

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About a month ago the hard drive of my laptop crashed. It's the place I've been scrapping and blogging almost exclusively, and it housed all of my photos from 2014, including my iPhone photos I'd downloaded from my camera. Insert swear words of your choice here.

Right now I'd like to give a shout out to Carbonite for a generally easy recovery. All but the last 100 vacation photos I'd literally uploaded the night before were recovered. Those, fortunately, I'd uploaded online that night to a photo processing store that was too expensive and difficult to use, so I don't want to advocate them--their name starts with a W--but I grudgingly must admit that I am grateful I was able to go back, burn a too-expensive CD of them, and put them back on my computer, backed by Carbonite.

In the process of this mess I had about 10-15 pages I'd edited to share, but I didn't have time to before the hard drive crashed. I'm going to share those pages this week. Here's the first two, one for each boy:

This page is one made with leftover photos from another page about our Spring Break visit to the art and science museums. I decided to use the leftover Rowan photos on a page about his favorites at the Science Museum. The best part? The journaling is his. I asked him to tell me all of his favorite parts of the museum, and he listed them all.

And this page was about my son's first foray into theater as Aslan in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe:

I used bits from a fairly girly Studio Calico kit called Camelot. I wasn't sure about some stuff, like the pink tulle, so I overlapped it and sewed over it, trying to create sort of a side curtain for the page. It turned out OK. It bothered me that the letter stickers didn't come with a comma/apostrophe--I hate it when stickers interfere with my grammar!--so I used this star pin as an apostrophe. Bonus that the pin looks like the Wicked Witch's wand.

Thank you for checking out my first batch of recovered pages! More to come through the rest of the week.

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