Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reclaimed pages, post-hard drive crash: part 3

Another day of sharing pages I reclaimed through Carbonite, this time pages that are a part of my 100 moments pages. Here's the first:

This one isn't one of my favorites, product-wise, but I had gotten a lot of Valentine's Day stuff in my February scrapbooking kit, so I used it since the topic seemed thematic. And yep, that was me back in upper elementary. Yikes. My dad, however, looks very handsome.

Finally, this page is about my introduction into adult reading--Agatha Christie. I did not have any photos of the event, so I took a photo using the books that were a part of the story--not the actual books, but the ones I've bought since. Man, I would love those original books. The book covers on mass market paperbacks in the 70s were mini-scenes, evocative and awesome.

You'll notice that I used different products with each page, even though they are going in the same album. I created cohesion with similar design--kraft background, though some pages use white, basic color blocked design, and a running stitch around. If you are doing an album all at once but was to switch up the products, this idea of similar design might be a good one to keep in mind.

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