Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The bane of a one-photo layout

I know that for many people, the hardest pages to design are multiple photo and/or two-page designs. For me, those are easy. There are only so many ways the photos can fit on the page, so once that is figured out, the page sort of designs itself. The absolute hardest page fr me to design? A one-photo layout. Why? The possibilities are endless. Gah.

Here's one I recently did that I like, and I'll share a few things I did to make it less stressful to create.

1. The photo is an Instagram I took of my son showing off his new height. My local printer National Camera Exchange is expanding their print sizes, and I printed this 5x5 so that it would occupy more space on the page.

2. I then took out a kit and pulled some bright strips to lay under the photo, adding a scallop sticker to boot. This created a bigger home for the photo on the 12x12 page.

3. Next I added the embellishment clusters, which overlap the photo and metaphorically nail the photo down. (I started scrapbooking at the tail end of the sticker sneeze era, so I have drilled into me the important of nailing page elements down, LOL!)

4. I used the word HELLO from the kit as a part of the title. I liked how dramatic it was, and I thought without it, the page was a little blocky. I knew I wanted smaller, more subdued letters to finish out the rest, but the rest of the kit didn't have ones that worked, so I went to my stash to dig out these aqua Thickers. It was out of G's, by the way, so I used a 9 instead.

5. The page was better now, but still a little boring. That's when I thought about my starburst stencil I've used to stitch with before. I lay the template over the page, poked holes, then stitched in yellow.

That was my process for designing a one-photo page. You'll notice that I started by creating a foundation, then embellished. That's my general process for all pages; I struggle with one-photo pages so much because there are so many ways to create a Foundation for that one photo.

How about you--do you find it harder to scrap one or multiple photos?

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