Monday, July 14, 2014

Holy heck, I used a doily on a page

A couple weeks ago I was scrapbooking with some girlfriends. I wanted to use up most or all of a past kit, and I had gotten down to the bare bones of embellishments, including the gold doily that had come with the kit. Gold is super popular right now, though not with me, and some people can rock a doily (Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper comes to mind), but not me. Still, it was an embellishment, and my girlfriends challenged me to use it, so I did. Here's the page:

I went with the old cover-most-of-it-up technique, one I use with embellishments and papers I'm not fond of or with products that don't quite go. Here's some details:

I had thought about turning the doily upside down, but the gold actually reflected the trophy my son is carrying. Since the color fit with the honor of his graduation from the first song in his violin lesson book, I let it go. I also added some embellishments from my stash, using up some old products, including the small Studio Calico envelope. (By the way, the gold label isn't that long; I cut it in half and arranged it so that it would be visible from both sides.)

I had also been nervous about the bright colors--I worried it might be too ice cream cone-ish for the occasion--so I added the strips of grey along with grey accents and stitching to add some gravitas to the page's kicky colors.

So how to you feel about gold or doilies? Do you like them? Do you use them? What do you do with products you have but no longer like?


alisonm said...

You can barely see it, but still it IS a doily!

MellyBird said...

Yes! Welcome to the doily club!