Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ready for summer, anyone?

I've been posting a lot of summer pages recently. I love scrapbooking summer photos in the dead of winter. Since we're supposed to get another blizzard today, I thought I'd share some more warmth.

I made this page as one of my 100 moments pages. I don't have a photo from me on the swim team, so I selected a photo of me at the pool when I was in kindergarten, enlarged it, and used it on this page.

I also used Fancy Pants Designs' new line called Nautical. That's a sailing/ beach line, but the aquatic elements were perfect for this page. The flags, for example, reminded me of the flags on the ceiling at the pool. Perfect embellishment. Here's some details:

Thank you for checking out my page! I hope it made you warm as we are getting ready to welcome another bout of winter.

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Michelle said...

This is cute! I love that you are scrapping your childhood photos. Your parents must have taken a lot throughout your childhood.

I am so over winter. Fed up. I was liking that the alley was clear behind the building I work at in St. Paul. I am hoping we don't get as much as they are predicting. I do not want another snow day. We've had 5 already in January. They are threatening to take away our spring break in March. We also had school on Monday this week. Did you see the temps are taking a dive too?!! 7 above for the high by early next week. Did I say I was over winter?!! I need spring! A warm, sunny spring. Not like we had last year.