Saturday, December 28, 2013

My process of using up a kit

I have been so busy with school lately, I have not been using up my Studio Calico kits. I like to use the month up before I get the next one, but I was sitting on three months--October (Antiquary) through December (Blue Note)--not having used up any. I generally try to make 6 pages with every kit I buy. My problem was October and my OCD--I like to use the kits in order (that's the OCD) and I was Stuck in October.

Here's the pages I made with the kit before I got stuck:

Finally, there was one I made for Write Click Scrapbook that I can't share until January 1 when the new gallery goes live. Here's a link to my post that included a sneak of the page.

For most of these pages, I used a healthy amount from the kit plus stuff from stash when needed. In general, when I get a kit, I add some papers and embellishments I have that I think will go, just to make the kit fuller and more interesting for me.

I was on a roll making pages, then I hit a snag with a page using some childhood pictures of me and recording my love of art. I was so dissatisfied with the page, but I'm a finisher, so I kept looking at it, thinking I wanted to just get it done, but disappointed because I knew I didn't like it the way it was. Finally, I did what I needed to: I put it away so I couldn't see it.

This past week, freed from this unfinished page taunting me, I got back down to business in making pages from the kit. Here's what I made to finish up the kit:

This one's probably my favorite--the sequins on the bottom are the same color as the top--the lighting didn't catch that.

You'll notice I dipped into my stash for cardstock bases especially.  I had very little left in the kits, so I had to use bits of patterned paper to flesh out the pages. In the end, all I had left were unusable letters, scraps, and bits from the embellishments, not many at all. Now that the roadblock of October is out of the way, the other kits should be easy to dig into and use.

*Note: I still haven't finished that childhood art layout. I decided to remove the photos and start again. I reused the chipboard letters and embellishments from that page on other pages I did to finish up October's kit.


wookieedaddiee said...

I learned a lot thanks!

wholarmor said...

Gorgeous pages! Thanks for sharing!

Irit Landgraf said...

Beautiful pages! I'm also mildly obsessed with Buffy...