Saturday, September 14, 2013

Left brain photo selection

I'm taking the class The Art and Science of Scrapbooking at Big Picture Scrapbooking right now. I knew before taking the class that I was left brained, but I was surprised to see how I am 60/40 left brained/ right brained. I thought it would be more extreme.

My first project for the class involved photo selection. I started with the left brained challenge, which I figured to be more comfortable for me. Here's my page:

I decided to enlarge the photo to 8x12 because it was so dramatic. The bright colors in the September Studio Calico kit worked very well with the bright ride at the fair. Here's some details:

The acetate frame was an easy pick to highlight my son in the swing, who of course has his hands in the air, making him easy to find. I've been using a lot of frames on big photos lately to draw attention to the subject. And I was surprised at how much I loved using the sequins on this page. I'm not much for sequins, but the color and cheer of the sprinkles seemed the fit the mood.

The kit came with a vintage ticket--how perfect was that?

Thanks for looking at my page! Tell me: how often is your starting point for a page a photo?


Debbie P said...

This is absolutely awesome! I love the large photo and all the bits you added! Pinning this for sure!

Linda E said...

Fabulous layout and what an awesome picture too! I didn't sign up for the class but I think I am a left-brain scrapbooker too.

Jennifer said...

Love the photo Jen. I love the strips of journaling on the left hand side.