Thursday, September 12, 2013

Scrapping beloved books

Two of my sons' favorite books are Cowboy and Octopus and Flotsam. Every April I take those books to my school so that I can read them to my classes to teach them postmodernism. (Yes, they are postmodern kids' books!) When I bring them back, Dominic always grabs them and starts to read. And read. And read. I took a picture of him and decided to make a page about his love of this book. Here's my page:

If you look closely at the book, you can see lots of circles. I took inspiration from those circles and cut the mat in circles, something I love and have done before on this page and this page. Since this is a favorite design of mine, I did something similar to what I'd done on both pages: I pulled out a favorite mask and drew lines, which I later went over and stitched. Though it's the same design, the different in photos and color make them different enough for me.

I liked these black circular letters, which mimic the black and the circles in the book. I did, however, have had trouble using these black chalkboard letters from My Mind's Eye. They are not big, but because they are black, they carry a lot of visual weight. I used some dark grey papers and inked the edges of the journaling in black to balance the weight of the title.

I used a lot of blues since the book is about a camera floating ashore, and I used yellow because it is my favorite color and it lightened the page up. And the stitching...I love to stitch. The background paper is grey, so the yellow, silver, and aqua misting I had done looked interesting, a bit muted on the background.

Look at the date I put on that tag: Winter 2013. I put that on here because in the picture, you can see snow. Remember, I teach this book in April. Yes, this was snowy, snowy April in Minnesota, the month when we had our second miracle-of-God snow day this year. Sigh. I didn't change the date because I have a personal philosophy: the date I put on the page is the date it happened. No take backs.

Thanks for looking at my page? Have you scrapped favorite books lately?

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