Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scrapping small photos from different years

I just got back from camping in Banning State Park, one of my grandparents' favorites. We had lovely temps, but excessive rain, thankfully not as much as the Twin Cities, but enough to make us come back a bit early. I thought I'd post a page I made before we left:

I had a couple pictures I took of my friend's son playing with my boys. Neither story alone was monumental, but together I saw a pattern: the boys playing across the seasons, across the year. And so I put them together on this page

They are Instagram shots, which I tend to print at 2.5 inch square. That leaves a whole bunch of white space on the 12x12 page, which I love, but not that much. I've learned if I have just a couple small photos, it works better if I mat them on a cluster of patterned paper. The mat gives the photos weight.

Some details:

I used many pieces from the May Studio Calico kit Planetarium. I supplemented with some older Thickers--denim seems right for boys!--and some embellishments from past kits--die cuts, veneer, and enamel dots, which look great in a geotag.

I also used some embellishments I picked up from Archiver's from the Studio Calico Atlantic collection. The arrows seemed like a nice photo turn on each side of the photos.

The shot in the snow sort of blended into the background paper, so I stitched with navy thread. Note: I am a purist about neutrals: white, black, cream, brown are OK. It took me a while to jump on board with grey, but I'm OK now. Navy, however took me longer to accept. Lately, thought, it's seemed to be the perfect touch on so many of my pages.

After I made the main photo mat, I realized I need to add something to the upper left to balance it out. I hand cut some banners and overlapped them, setting some on the page with dimensional adhesive to make them pop.

The shot above also includes a masked mistake: The navy diagonal paper was a cutaway strip on a piece of patterned paper. I used it under the photos below, but I didn't have enough for the banners on top. To correct that, I cut away some of the strip under the photos, overlapped it with the too-short piece on the top, and covered the overlap with some die cuts and stitching. If anyone's looking that close and comments on the mistake, they might not be shown my scrapbooks again. Just sayin.'

Thanks for reading my quick post! I'll be coming back (I hope!) with some summery projects I also started before camping. Now tell me: what's the biggest mistake you made scrapping? And how did you cover it up?


reen said...

Great layout. I love your groupings of embellishments.

My biggest mistakes in scrapbooking always seems to be something involving leaving it out where the cat can do damage... which usually results in starting over :(

Sue Althouse said...

Super page, and I always love reading about your process and design tips. Great post!

alisonm said...

I never make mistakes!!! HA HA! Usually my mistakes happen when I try to mask with spray.