Friday, June 14, 2013

Word a Day

The start of summer has been full. We've gone bowling, gone swimming, developed a is good. I'll post more on that next week.

Now, I want to share something fun I've been doing: Word a Day.

The scrapbooking group I am in, the Scrappin' J's, has started something fun. One J, Janet, collected words from everyone--future journaling prompts--and she's been sending them out every day. I started a mini album using the prompts. Here's what I did:

I used a Fancy Pants Designs Brag Book. It had more pages than I needed, and I didn't need pocket or photo pages for this project, so I removed the covers, the took out the pages and kept only what I needed. (I'll use the pockets and photo pages for a travel mini later this summer, probably.)

The papers and embellishments I used came largely from Fancy Pants' upcoming line What a Wonderful Day. It was so colorful and fun, it was perfect for this project.

I tended to do a cluster of embellishments to house the title and frame a photo. The photos I've used are either new ones I've printed or ones from my childhood I didn't use on a mini album I made this year for Write Click Scrapbook. I especially like using the Patterned Envelopes or Decorative Bags to house the title. They were so cute, and perfectly sized.

Here's the rest of the pages I've made so far:

And here are the words I've done or am working on so far:

  • Name
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Adventure
  • Backyard
  • Collection
  • Bucket List
  • Online
  • RIP (for this one I may write about things I don't miss from my childhood. Neon and lace gloves, anyone?)
  • Learn
  • Sack/Food
  • Tradition
  • Fears
  • Wishes
If you haven't done an album about yourself, I recommend you do. This project is a lot of fun, and using just one product line, and a fun one at that, has made it really quick to do.

So tell me: when's the last time you did a project about yourself? And when are you planning on doing one in the future?


Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Awesome layout, Jennifer! I'm doing a 49 lists mini celebrating my last year in my 40s...ugh, but love this concept, too!

Michelle said...

This is such a neat idea. Love your mini! I don't usually do projects about myself... very, very seldom.

alisonm said...

Did you make the album yourself, or did you purchase it? I am looking for something similar for our trip to Scotland. Kinda smashbooking/ journaly. Any suggestions?

Jennifer Larson said...

Alison, I used a Fancy Pants Designs Brag Book. Lots of different kinds of pages--pockets, journaling, photo--but not decorated like a Smash, so more versatile.