Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Using patterned paper with bigger patterns

Of the four Fancy Pants Designs collections I've been using these past three months--Swagger, Trendsetter, Park Bench, and Down By the Shore--my favorite is probably Down by the Shore. But I have been hoarding that collection shamelessly. Why? Last summer I went to Maine, and I want to use it for my vacation album, which I'm still editing photos for. More to come on that vacation album next week.

I couldn't wait any longer to use it, so I took some photos of my boys at the local pool and pulled out the collection. The best paper to use for the pictures was one called Whale:

The main side has a pretty big pattern. I tend towards smaller pattern, so it was a challenge to use. Here's what I did:

As you can see, I printed the photos smaller, 4x4 and 2.5x2.5. That made it easier to put them into a constricted space to the right of the whale and the flourishes.

To balance out the flourishes on the bottoms, I added some rub-on flourishes to the upper right.

Fancy Pants Designs Down by the Shore collection: Patterned paper: Whale, Strips, Saltwater, Striped Towel; Rub-ons; Sticker Fundamentals

Here's some details:

To add a smidge more color, I used strips of patterned paper plus the banner stickers, which remind me of the banners on the ceiling of the lap pool. And for fun, I added a deep blue rub-on to the whale spout.

To add more texture to the flourishes, I put gold gems randomly throughout. Think of them as sparkles on the waves.

Thank you for sharing my page! Tell me: Do you swim? If so, where?


alisonm said...

I swim at the Y and local lakes, but not in the ocean where I live- too cold! But, I love to go to Old Orchard Beach!
So, the title was cut on you Cameo?

Jennifer Larson said...

Alison, yes! I can't remember the font...

Michelle said...

This is really cute. I have a hard time using those kinds of patt. papers. Your page is so inspiring. As for swimming.. I swim like a rock. LOL I do love going Cascade Bay water park in Eagan. Love the lazy river. ;) We have a pool here in River Falls that was built during the Depression. But it is just a regular old swimming pool. Oh, and I was at the MOA earlier today with my hubby and 6 yr old. There are so new Star Wars lego sets out at Lego Land!! :)

Michelle said...

Meant some new, not so new. LOL

Linda E said...

Great layout with one of my favorite collections this year. In answer to question, I live about 10 miles from Jones Beach, NY so that's where you'll find me in the Summer when I am in the mood to swim!