Friday, December 28, 2012

One Little Word 2013: Cherish

The year is drawing to a close, and so I am beginning to reflect on the past and think about the year to come.

One way I do that is by choosing my One Little Word, Ali Edwards' idea for focusing a year, setting goals, and creating meaning. (I'm not sure if that's why she does it, but that's what I get out of it.)

Two years ago I chose the word REDUCE. I also took the Big Picture class that year. I liked it and got a lot out of it; however, I'm still working on it (heh). At least I'm in November, so I'm almost done, but for me, I found I do better and with less guilt when I do not take the class. As a first timer with OLW, though, the Big Picture class would be valuable, and I do recommend it.

This last year I chose CELEBRATE. We were going through a stressful time at work with lots of new changes, so I chose the word to direct my attitude. Amazingly, it worked! I found myself laughing a lot more and enjoying my time with my students.

And this year? My word came to me after Newtown. Like most people around the world, my heart broke when I heard the news. And so I chose the word CHERISH.

I won't take the class, though I got a lot out of it. Instead, I made a page to focus myself:

This page is one of many OLW/goal pages posted  on Write Click Scrapbook today. For this page, it took me a while to make it because I kept meaning to take a new picture of me. Eventually, I decided to go through my unscrapped photos from last year and use them on the page, representing a few things that I cherish and want to keep in the front of my mind. I "hung" the photos with DMC off the patterned paper strips on the top.

Here's some details:


I used Studio Calico's December kit for this page. Lots of big and small embellishments that were fun to layer.

There were vellum elements, which I was a little unsure of how to adhere. On the above details shot, I added some regular adhesive (for me Tombow Monoadhesive or Scotch minidots roller adhesive) where the elements would cover them. I did something similar with the cluster below:

On this thin arrow, I just used my roller adhesive and stuck it on. You can't see it, so all is cool.

I like these title letters, but they faded into the background a bit, so I lightly outlined them with a thin Zig marker.


So do you participate in One Little Word? Will you take the class? What is your word, and why did you choose it?

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