Thursday, November 22, 2012

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The joy of being an English teacher is having the privilege of seeing young writers develop and become the stylists they are destined to be. It's also time consuming: I read my AP students' essays three times before grading it, and I read my regular students' twice. And that has been my November.

So it is with crimson cheeks that I post the rest of my beloved pages from my Elle's Studio and Write Click Scrapbook galleries this month. (I did post my favorite here.) Here they are:

This was my page at WCS, showing off my favorite colors, which are bright! Especially yellow. I think yellow gets a bum rap. When people are yellow, it's considered negative, and yellow in winter makes people think of dirty snow. Still, it is such a happy color, how can you not love it?

I used some Elle's Studio summer tags on the page, since that was the theme. Here's the details:

This page I did for Elle's Studio. I  wanted to record my solo 5K run at Autumn Woods Classic at Elm Creek. It's a tough course, but I did it in my best time ever, with some colleagues from work cheering me on, because they finished before me (heh). I used a horizontal 8x12 photo as sort of a backdrop and overlapped some iPhone photos, plus tags. Truthfully, there's not too many ways to design a page around am 8x12 photo, so this probably looks like all the other ones I've made. I still love it!

Here's some details:

Note: when I die cut a title, I usually do it twice in two different colors and slightly overlap them for some depth. You can see that I did that in the closeup abover.

Finally, I used a lot of Thankful tags to make a thankful card. I have so much to be thankful for, why not say it several times!

Thanks for cruising through my gallery (very late!) from this past month; I'll probably post later this week some of my cross-stitched projects from around the house, since that's what I'm sharing a bit of at Write Click Scrapbook this week.

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