Thursday, November 1, 2012

Look how they've grown

With a new month, the new galleries at Elle's Studio and Write Click Scrapbook are up. Be sure to go check them out and get inspired!

Here's maybe my favorite page I made this month:

I took this photo right after my boys bought mammoth pumpkins. (FTR, never again. Too hard to carve! Mighty impressive to trick or treaters, though.) I intended to scrap the pumpkins, but I had a moment when I saw this photo once printed: look how big the boys are! Young men, not boys. It makes me a bit verklemmt to look at this photo. So that's what I scrapped about.

I used the Elle's Studio tags for this page. LOVED how well the circles fit into the Studio Calico circle wood veneer. Serendipity.

 Look! A ribbon! Confessions: I hate buying premade ribbons, but I like making them. Go figure.

A technique I like: sprinkle a bit of one color of embossing powder--just a bit--tap it off, then pour the main color. Tap off, emboss, and enjoy the two-tone.

I'll share the rest of the pages I made for the galleries in the next few days. Now I'm off to grade more papers...


Andrea said...


alisonm said...

Is that a stamp? very cool!

soccermom11 said...

they are getting so big! I remember when you used to bring them in Scrapbooks Too back in the day. I may have missed it but what is the background cardstock you used on this page. I might have to get some!!

Diana Waite said...

I really like the texture on your layout--GREAT job!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I stumbled across your site today and had to smile, because growing up, my name was Jennifer Larson, too!