Sunday, November 18, 2012

"And Away We Go!"

Sorry for the lapse in posting. I have had a fun month, attending my sons' butterfly fair at their STEM school, going away for a scrap weekend with friends to Pine City, and then finishing up some of the pages I started there. I'm also up to my ears in grading--two weeks left in the term!--and my foot is slowly healing. The bottom of my foot has healed well enough to start jogging, which is good, because Thursday I'm doing this.

This week I'll be blogging at Write Click Scrapbook about one of my favorite techniques: hand stitching on pages. I hope you get a chance to visit, read, and share!

Here's a page I made right before I went on my scrap retreat, using a kit from Studio Calico (can't remember which--either September or October. I think September--I killed that kit on the scrap retreat):

I love this photo. My mother borrowed it from my cousin, and I scanned it and printed it to use on a page about the phrase I now say when we leave on road trips, which came from my Grandpa John.  You can read the journaling here:

I got the idea for this design from this layout; I wasn't too fond of the paper, which I got in a kit, but I liked how it fit as the background of this nostalgic page.

Here's some details:

I love clusters. And mixed fonts.

Here's a close up of the photo turn, which is really a geotag stamp I embossed and added with a brad. Love that stamp.

Please check out Write Click Scrapbook this week--I'll share some of the cross-stitched projects from around my house so you can see a little of my first creative hobby!

How about you--do you have other creative ventures, or do you focus on scrapbooking and card making?


Michelle said...

Cross stitching was my first hobby too!! Gosh, I haven't touched it in about 9 years. I do have some projects that need finishing.. though this scrapbooking seems to always take precedence. Your page is wonderful. That sheet worked good as your background. I have it too and wasn't too thrilled with it.

Anne said...

I say that too! in memory of him. And I always draw out the noooobody, just like he did. I love that photo. I'd love to get a copy of it. What beautiful words to remember him. A beautiful layout, too. You are very talented.

deb duty said...

I love that paper and you used it perfectly! Really lovely layout! And I'm excited about the stitching week!

Caroline Hackney said...

Really love what you've done with this layout - what a great tribute to somebody special, and a great photo also. I'm inspired to use some busy papers in this way!

Most of my creative ventures are in scrapbooking and card making, although I'm refinishing a window frame right now that I'm going to use for a giant photo enlargement. That's about as non-scrappy as I get. :)