Saturday, June 2, 2012

My non-Pinterest scrap space

My house, though I love it much, is small. I do not have huge windows, glorious natural lighting, and wide open spaces and a white kitchen. No, my house bears no resemblance to Pinterest at all.

Every time I go on Pinterest, I drool. Then I feel a tight squinching in my chest, knowing I can never get in my house what I see online.

In case anyone else gets that squinching feeling, I thought I'd post my non-Pinterest scrap space. Here goes:

I scrap in my living room. I do have a teeny corner of the family room downstairs, but my back is to the room downstairs, so I use it for storage rather than work. Here, I sit in the easy chair, use my lap desk to scrap, and am a part of the family.

(Note: this photo doesn't match the rest of the photos. I was watching Bones while I took these photos, as I'm wont to do. However, when I took the photo, the image on the screen was a little...unclear. It could have been an autopsy photo, but it wasn't clear, and I didn't want to yuck anyone out. I didn't notice it until I went to edit the photos. So I took another one. Sorry about the incongruity!)

This is the only Expedit my husband will let me get (it's not big, so it's not heavy). I use it for albums, paper, Thickers (lower right) and random chip letters (the juice glasses). I'd like a shelf on the section to double up the glasses and fit more elsewhere.

To the left are my 3-ring binders I keep inspiration I've cut from magazines, plus classes and design team handouts.

This is the spot to the left of the chair where I scrap. I keep a tin for paper scraps on the end table. I also have a few inks I need to re-store to my scrap storage spot downstairs. Under the table is the magazine/idea book rack I keep inspiration in, plus a bin for new papers, a storage container for embellishments, and my storage bag for tools, adhesives, and pens. (The bag is one I got at Target. It's actually a gardening tool bag from Smith and Hawken.)

I also keep my kits in Craft Keepers here. I tend to use my kits to death, so I don't have more than two at a time.

This is to the right of the TV. I keep my patterned paper here organized by color (the top is multi color, then ROYGBIV, then brown, white/black/grey, then die cut paper).

On top are small letter stickers and my popular, small stamps.

This is to the left of the TV. I have an Itso I got from Target filled with popular supplies: Washi, DMC, templates, brads, thread, etc. Next to the Itso are storage bins I got from Joann's for sale. One is for scraps, the other for stickers and overlays and die cuts. On top are the most recent embellishments I've purchased and my tools storage bin.

Right by the TV (you can see Bones is on: I don't listen to music but instead watch ROKU or movies while scrapping).  The muffin tin is an embellishment storage bin for the class Twelve from Big Picture Classes.  It takes up a lot of room, so I'm not sure I'll keep it when the class is over. I don't have a huge amount of space.

So that is my space. I like being near the family, and since it's near the family, it requires regular cleaning up. That's a good thing.


Michelle said...

I hear you on the pinterest rooms. I get that same feeling. I don't have a pinterest room either. I do have a room though, only because oldest moved out a few years ago. Otherwise I would still have a corner in our tiny office shared with hubby's computer and things. I like that you are with your family. I am in the basement.. by myself.

Sarah said...

I love this post! I also have a non-pinterest space. I have a card catalog and small shelf in the dining room and I usually scrap on the living room floor. :) Thanks for sharing!

alisonm said...

I,too, have a non-pinterest scrap space. Someday, I hope to have my own room as I am in the middle of the living room in my teeny tiny house. I like to scrap when my family is not around as I make quite a mess; if they are home I feel quilty for taking up so much space!

Connie said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I love to see every scrap space - especially when it is in the middle of a family space like mine!

Monika Wright said...

This is so awesome and real and a great peek into your creative space. It's really wonderful that you can sit and create and be with your family at the same time.

S said...

Oh I enjoyed having a nose around your space - I spied the Longaberger tea basket, and your 12 muffin tin, and even a few stamps sets that would have twin in my studio. I don't have such a cool TV though, maybe just as well so as not to be distracted.

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Thanks for sharing your space. I also like to scrap with my family, which happens to be my DH, since we are empty-nesters. We watch TV in our basement family room and I have my scrap area directly behind DH's recliner....not a problems unless he falls asleep and I decide to cut with my cricut!! My space isn't large but do have an old teachers desk which I love! Love my non-pinterest scrap space!