Monday, May 28, 2012

My typical kit page totals

A reader asked how many pages I get out of a kit. I don't make pages until I use everything up; instead, I set a goal, and when I reach it, I break my kit apart. Usually, my goal is 6 pages per kit. A two page layout counts for 2. If I buy add-ons, I add another 6 onto my goal total. Here's an example from the Studio Calico March kit Story Hour.

I bought the kit and one add-on, so my goal was twelve pages. I made 10 layouts, 2 two-pagers. Here they are:


(I'm feeling a little parental guilt seeing that I made three pages of Dominic alone but only one of Rowan. I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way!)

The last one I had to stretch a bit. I used different papers on each side, and I had only a partial piece of paper on the right, so I added some strips to the right edge to make it 12x12. I LOVE this page, though.  And how happy was I to use both squirrel paper clips on this page about my squirrely boys?

Here's what I had left over:

Only partial pieces of 12x12 paper. I only keep the pieces that are 12 inches long. If I don't like the paper, I'll recycle it, even if it's 12 inches.

The embellishments I put back into my stash to use. The green gems are a little bit of a cheat; I loved them so much, I bought more when I saw them at Archiver's.

I should mention that I do dip into my stash. If I think the page needs a little somethin' somethin', and my embellishments are low in the kit, I add some from my stash. That is what stash is for. I also dip into cardstock if I need a neutral background for a page.

So that's how I make my kits stretch for me. Do you subscribe to kits? If so, how do you get the most out of them?


Michelle said...

Hey Jen,

I hope you had a good weekend. The weather was sure iffy for a bit. Lot of rain, huh!
You really make some good use of your kits! Wow! I am on a kit club DT. Typically, I can get about 5 maybe 6 pages if I really stretch it and dig in my stash. I don't like to dig too much. I feel kind of guilty if I use too much product from my stash being I am promoting her kits.
Do you get much scrapping done anymore now that the weather is nice? I am finding it very hard to force myself to work on anything.

Debbie P said...

I loved this post today Jennifer. Loved your layouts, especially the "Childhood TV". I will absolutely have to scraplift this one! That is a great goal to set for your kits. I just recently joined a kit club and I was wondering how others handled it. Thanks for sharing!

S said...

Ok I like your approach to using your kit - I don't like the pressure of having to use up everything, I believe in using it until it isn't working anymore then either refreshing it with more supplies from my stash or breaking it down into stash. Great pages too, by the way.

Tammy said...

These layouts are just awesome. I love the childhood TV no photo layout! Great inspiration. When I did sub to a kit (years and years ago) I would create with it as long as I was inspired to but then I always broke it down too and added it to my stash. It wasn't getting used once I moved on to other kits or supplies. It's great advice. :)