Thursday, November 18, 2010

My own sicko scrapfest

I'm feeling a lot better today. Right now Dayquil and orange juice are my best friends. They are being good to me.

I am in two special issues for CK right now! I got both layouts back recently, along with copies of these mags/ idea books. I'm planning on posting about those tomorrow, but right now I'd like to personally thank CK for wrapping the layouts in bubble wrap:

This guy made it his mission last night to pop every bubble. Dancing on them helped.

Home sick today, I was able to take photos of some piled-up layouts I had completed, in the middle of the day during peak winter daylight hours in Minnesota. Here's what I've got:

These are some violin photos I took of Dominic and never scrapped. These are perhaps the only time I've ever gotten catch lights in the eyes, so they needed to be scrapped. I used this month's Studio Calico kit Napa Valley for this.

This LO is about the snow storm last Saturday that dumped about a foot of snow on us in Maple Grove. I used this week's Color Room Combo, along with Napa Valley again, plus some of my snowflake dies. I think I should have had at least one orange snowflake, but I'm trying not to be annoyed by that.

I used this week's Studio Calico sketch and Napa Valley for this. Don't read the journaling if you're squeamish.

Here's another 12x18 layout. I made this layout, not because I had terrific photos of this event; they're terrible, actually. When I was browsing through pictures getting ready to print, my sons saw these and started talking about the carnival, so excited by the memory that I had to print and scrap them. I used an older Studio Calico sketch based on a Susan Weinroth sketch.

Just a nice reminder that I scrapbook our memories, not just mine.


CreativeChretin said...

I love all the yellow you're using! It's my favorite color right now!

Monika Wright said...

Kudos on the published layouts, can't wait until you can share with us!

AmyInKy said...

Great layouts. Hope you get to feeling better!
I just received the latest Scrapbook Trends and think I counted you in there three times. Congratulations!!!

BabyBokChoy said...

Looking forward to seeing your projects in the ck special issues!!! congrats!!!! You are everywhere!!! love these layouts, especially the technically fall one :)

Briana said...

Hope you feel better soon! And congrats on getting in some publications! I am home sick today too- I wish I could get some scrapping done but haven't found the energy.

Diana said...

These LOs are fantastic. I love the yellows on the Master LO and the design is terrif. And the Technically Fall LO is great too. They're all great. You are just amazing!
Got to tell you, MY LO was NOT returned to me in bubble wrap and I was NOT happy about it... .

The Kitch Family said...

What fabulous LOs! As always, I'm inspired by you, Jennifer! I was looking at the Napa Valley kit (when I was perusing different kit clubs) and thought, I can't think of how I'd use most of those papers. But you've used them brilliantly. Dana