Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Font confessions

When I started scrapbooking, I became enamored with the fonts I saw in published layouts. Why? I teach. The font that assaults me on a daily basis is Times New Roman, so I was delighted by all the cute fonts out there. I dumped a lot of money on cute fonts on CD (not available for online purchase individually then), and played around.

I soon became paralyzed by font choice. There are So. Many. Cute. Fonts. Seriously! And honestly, many are cute, but they cost.

Not all of them cost: I'm grateful to Diana for leading me to this site with cute, free fonts. And I am glad to Jessica Sprague and Cathy Zielske for sending me to Pharmacy and Bleeding Cowboys. Club CK has free font Fridays. And I like the cute fonts at Two Peas, which truly are dirt cheap.

I have to admit, though, that browsing through fonts is not as fun as browsing through patterned paper for me. Just how different is one serif from another, huh? And a sans serif from another sans? Not too much, frankly. (Don't throw anything at me, font junkies.)

When I scrap digi, I do play around with fonts, because then it's about design more than readability, IMO. When I journal via the computer, though, I tend to use the same fonts again and again. My favorite sans font is unfortunately not loaded on the Mac I use, but I'm trying to get it from our old computer, if that's legit: Gill Sans. Love it.

And the Serif font I use again and again? Sheepishly, I admit, Times New Roman.

Which fonts do you love? Any freebies we should know about that are awesome? Do share!


Brenda Johnston said...

You are funny! I used to be a font junkie too--especially before AC Thickers entered the scene. I find I hardly use any of my fun fonts anymore--though it's still nice to know that they are THERE, should I ever need them. I mainly use Garamond--for just about everything!

Monika Wright said...

For some reason, Century Gothic has been a fave as well as Abadi Condensed as it has two weight to it, which is nice for some contrast! Somehow I've lost my Bleeding Cowboys, so I'm off to download thatone, thanks.

Briana said...

My daily assault comes from Comic Sans- I teach first/second grade. We use Comic Sans all. the. time. since the "a" is formed the way we teach the kids. I love the handwriting fonts at www.kevinandamanda.com. I love Century Gothic and CK Handprint for journaling.

alexandra s.m. said...

heehee...my favorite? Courrier new!!! ;-)

Steff said...

Garamond, Century Gothic, Andalus, CK Journaling and Parade are some I use frequently. There are several that I like for cutting titles with my Silhouette---Gilligan's Island, Copperplate Gothic Bold and Brush Script MT. I have a feeling Pharmacy is going to become a new fave! Thanks, Jennifer!
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