Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Days of Thanks

A week of November has gone by, a tiring week since Derick was gone from home. So it is with joy that I embarked on a project this month: putting together a daily journal of gratitude.

The idea came from a post on Scarlet Namvong's blog. I also took creative inspiration from Studio Calico's recipe challenge. I pulled out last month's kit On the Easel and started putting together this mini-album (click on the images to see them larger):

It would have been easier to format the months on Word and print it out, but I don't really like figuring out margins, and I like stamping, so all is well. Since I opted to embellish with gems and buttons, this is going to be a chunky book, but that's OK.

I'm still finishing stamping the months and embellishing the pages with paper and flowers.

Today I think my thanks will include Derick coming home and taking to boys to a movie I didn't really want to see. Yay Derick!


BabyBokChoy said...

You know I really really love your sweet mini's, this one is a beauty!!!!

Keshet said...

What a cool album! Love this!

Brenda Johnston said...

Love this idea! Very cute front cover too!