Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monarch Fair

Every fall my boys' elementary school studies monarchs. They raise them, research them, and produce the monarch fair, which we attend. Here's the photos from earlier tonight:

OK, they put up tents to simulate the cocoon. Here my guys are getting "squishy" for the photo. I think it was Candice on write click scrapbook that recommended that idea for photography. My boys never pose pretty, but this looks like they're having fun, so OK.

Here Rowan found a friend who is also from his taekwondo class. She's a winner.

Rowan found his diagram on the board. It's on the lower left.

Rowan punching a cocoon. He's a boy.

In between ice cream headaches.

Dominic with his art.

This was around when I went into sensory overload: the book fair. I just dutifully followed the boys around, they handed books to me, I bought them. I didn't even look at the prices. Sensory overload worked in their favor.

Here's my LO for the week, appropriately about being a mother to boys. Since Derick has been away all week, it's been just me and the boys. I had journaled this a while ago, and this color scheme worked great. Now I need a nap.


Kate aka stinkydudette said...

Saw that page over at SC! Love the colors, and the journaling...

Diana said...

Lovely LO Jennifer. The colours are gorge.

Jackie said...

LOL - What English teacher/parent says no to a book??? We bought a children's atlas made by National Geographic...yeah it was like $30!!! The kids love it - although they are now planning several trips! Let's just get on the plane mom - hmmmm!!!! Good times, looks like a really fun event!