Monday, November 8, 2010

And now for the busy season

NOTE: If your name is Sharon Rahn or Melinda Larson, read no further; I will mention your birthday presents.

The school I teach in goes by trimesters, so we have 4 weeks left in this term. I am awash with very important papers to grade, while deflecting student questions about "HowcanIgetafewmorepoints?" and still creating meaning, motivational lessons.

Now is when my scrapping s l o w s down. Still, I got some pictures set up for a few layouts--Project 12 October, a layout about me and my husband, and one about this past weekend I plan on calling "Mount Leafmore." I also need to get on the ball with using a Groupon my husband got me--two photo books for cheap! It's only good, however, for 2 more weeks.


I should have started on it earlier. Now I'm panicking a little.

Still, photobooks are perfect for a mini-album for both my SIL and my mom, both of whom have birthdays this month. They both went to Disneyworld with us last summer, so this is a chance to put together a quick digi album. Thank you, Marnie Flores at write click scrapbook for your recipe on how to quick-assemble a digi photo album. I shall be following your directions religiously this week, hopefully with minimal cursing and maximum keeping up with my grading.

To sign off, here's a page I did with some rediscovered photos from my son's birthday, using this week's color scheme from The Color Room.

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Keshet said...

Those photobooks do take a long time, I definitely know what you mean!