Saturday, September 18, 2010

Start of School

We're two weeks into school, and it's a mixed bag for the boys.

Rowan is very excited for his new teacher and appears to have developed a new passion for reading.

Dominic is up and down; he'll be excited and happy, telling me everything he's done that day, super excited for his first day of homework, then crushed to discover the next day that he has more homework--it's not a one-time deal! Ah, well. Once the transition gets more routine, I'm sure we'll go back to excited.

Here's a few pages I did for the boys using BoBunny's Learning Curve, which I adore:

Dominic's unhappy day 1 LO also made use of The Color Room's color scheme and the Sketchy Thursdays Sketch.

On to week three for school!


Keshka said...

Ha, homework can be a nasty surprise!

desi said...

Love that "Stupidest Day!" Golden! That it! That could'be been one of my boys! :) tfs

Diana said...

Were these with a kit or from your stash?
They look great!