Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home with Sicko

When I got home from Open House last night, Dominic was running a temp of 102. I stayed home with him today, where he spent most of the day doing this:

Poor guy. Earlier, he said his only symptom was his eyes couldn't stay open. Too true!

We had to make a Target run for sick stuff, and he decided that a blue raspberry ICEE might make him feel better. It did for a while.

While he napped, I decided to scrap some photos of him riding his bike a year ago and now to show his progress. I used this week's color scheme at the Color Room for it.

Here's how the layout started:

Nice, but a little blocky. I thought I needed to do some layering of round stuff to break that apart.

When I layer I try to do so in two stages:
  1. Flat stuff (stitches, stickers, patterned paper, stamps, mist, paint, die cuts, etc.)
  2. Dimensional stuff (buttons, flowers, chipboard, brads, etc.)
I had already layered some patterned paper. I thought some stitching then chipboard would be good, so I lay a template down to check it out:

I always layer the flat stuff first, then move to the dimensional stuff. First, I did some machine stitching:

Then I hand-stitched, layered a sticker and some chipboard and ended up with this:

When I cluster layers around a page, I tend to put them next to important things, in this case the title, the focal point photo, and the journaling.

Hopefully Dominic will be alert enough later on today to enjoy his page.


Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Love this layout! Especially the hand stitching!!!!

Vera Matson said...

I keep passing up those stitching templates at my LSS. I really like your stitching and I may have to pick up one of those templates now!

Jody said...

Love the page and hope Dominic is on the road to recovery today!
And thank you so much for all of your prayers for my Ryan, they are so appreciated :)

Diana said...

Wow beautiful. Talk about an argument AGAINST clean and simple!

alexandra s.m. said...

Gorgeous page and "get better sweet Dominic!"