Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Point of View

I apologize; this is a little bit English teacher-y.

Journaling is important to me. Whether writing a little or a lot, I want words to convey stories, along with pictures and product. Sometimes I think about which point of view I should write in.

A refresher:
  • First person = I. (first person plural is "we.")
  • Second person = you.
  • Third person = he, she, it, they. No personal references.
What point of view do I use? It depends on the page.
  • I use first person in pages about me. Or the family (we). So pages where I or my opinion is central, first person. Similarly, when I do event pages (what my family did), I say "we."
  • I use second person when I want to address my subject (usually my boys). These pages are more personal, and I feel like talking to my sons on the page.
  • I use third person for pages where it is not so personal, merely a record of what happened. I don't need to reference myself; I just write about what happened.
Here's a recent example:

This page I used third person for. Nothing personal, little emotion beyond happiness or pride, so I wrote in third person. (OK, there's a wee bit of "I." Hope that doesn't make me too self-centered!)

This page, however, is personal. My son failed at swimming for the first time, so I wanted to diminish the distance that comes with third person and speak/write directly to him, using second person. As a result, the page is more personal.

I'm standing down off my teacher soapbox now, but I hope that you feel comfortable now writing from various points of view!


BabyBokChoy said...

Ever notice that people use less and and less pronouns now? ;) lol.
Fancy Pants?? ;)

alexandra s.m. said...

Excellent post Jennifer, interesting, precise, a great post indeed!
Thank you ~

Jamie Lane said...

I love "The Deep End" layout - great design!