Friday, September 3, 2010

Light Bulb!

(Bonus points for you if you got that movie quote. Plus, your kids would like my kids.)

I think of scrapbooking as writing, and I love coming up with creative ideas for pages. I don't care where the ideas come from; it's not a regular place, and I like the various places my ideas come from. Like I mentioned Wednesday, sometimes a phrase will pop in my head (My Life in Sticky Notes) and a page is born. Here's a few of the other places my ideas come from:

1. My photos

Sometimes I take a photo with a page in mind, other times I browse the photos on my computer and get ideas. This layout is from the latter:

I saw a bunch of fort photos when I was looking through my computer and used the two I liked best for this page. I used a sketch from Studio Calico for this, along with the August kit, Summer Camp.

I'm not sure about the circles? But the whole look of this page--the stars, the grid, the arrow--made me think of maps used in military campaigns, therefore I made circles.

2. HistoryBy "history," I mean "What's going on out there." I thought of this when I went to the Twins at their new ballpark this summer. Thinking back to last season, I realized I attended the first and last series at the Dome last season. Even though I'd scrapped those events, I decided I needed to scrap an homage to the Dome, since that's what I knew for many years.

Just a design note: I hand cut the banners from The Girls' Paperie On Holiday paper, which looked baseball-ish to me. To do the rope, I just laid glue down in a thin line, then pressed the hemp down, already knotted at the ends. Then I washed my sticky glue hands. A lot.

3. Product

A while back I mentioned finding some unused Hambly zoo rub-ons, one of which was a pig. I have recently discovered my Chinese Zodiac sign is the pig, much to my surprise. I finally made the page I'd been thinking about (the background color of this page is blue):

Amazingly, I also had another sticker from Jillibean Soup with pigs on it. I put it all together on this page. Because I sincerely hope I never have to use pigs again on a layout.*

I also have two more rub-ons from the collection left, a skunk and a snail. What could I use those for? Maybe the time my Granny skunked me in cribbage, and a layout about letters, AKA snail mail...

I sometimes put ideas in my notebook so I can remember them if I don't have time (or photos) to make the page now. Sometimes, though, when I go back to my list, I am no longer enthused to do the page I got an idea for, and that's OK. I think of this an an idea dying an honorable death. It's OK. If I still want to do the page when it's been on the list a while, I do it. That's why I did the Metrodome page.

*Oh wait, I forgot about this page:

I guess as long as Derick grills, I will have a use for pig. The food, not him.


BabyBokChoy said...

Aside from the amazing scrappbook pages you always deliver, congrats on being a pig!! LOL. My first child was due around Chinese new year time, and that was very nerve wracking for me, I didn't want her to be born b4 the new year because exactly the confusion you had journaled, lol. My second one is born in the year of the Golden Pig :) sorry girlfriend, you aren't golden, since it's only once every 60 years. Don't ask why it is golden, just know that in 2007, maternity wards in China tripled in capacity needed :) everyone tried to deliver a golden pig, crazy chinese, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Jody said...

I always am inspired after visiting your blog.
You've been a very busy scrapper of late :)
Thanks for your kind words about my girl,
I so appreciate them.

Diana said...

Love this post. You're younger than me if you're born in 1972. Not sure why I felt I had to say that, but I did ;-)