Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor day work and inspiration

So this Labor day really involves the word "labor" for me. Derick and I are staining our deck. Yesterday we spent 6 hours doing all the railings, two coats, and today we're doing the deck and stairs before the rain comes tonight. I hope that calories counter for exterior painting/staining was right, because then I can have pizza with impunity.

Right now my computer is in the shop. Its fan was constantly blowing, and the Genius at the Genius bar said that a sensor was not working, so the computer thought it always had to cool down. Best part: still under warranty. Worst part: I have no computer this week. Bye bye, access-to-photos, digi supplies, and PSE. Hello, blogging without photos.

I also can't print, so those three pages I have sitting around that I'd planned some computer journaling on will have to wait.

So I thought I'd share one of my favorite sites, Signals. I'm not a person who enjoys trolling the internet to find inspiration, so I'll try to stick with places I know will give me varied inspiration. Like Signals. This store has lots of cool stuff, some of which is inspirational, scrapbooking wise too!

I'm having trouble copying the image, so I'll share some URLs:

  1. Be Bold wall art. This I'm going to use as journaling on a page about my son, 7 almost 8.
  2. She was on her way picture. I can see using this on a page about me!
  3. Blue Butterflies. I have some butterfly punches and dies and can see doing a cluster like this on a page.
  4. You are... wall art. This one is just stinkin' cute. Definitely going to be the journaling on the next good picture I get of Derick and me.
  5. Kinetic Swallows. I like the stuff-hanging-down-off-a-board look of this. I think it would look nice, "hanging" some page elements off patterned paper.
  6. Edison quote. I'd love to make wall art with this quote for my iota of scrap space.
  7. Faith print. First, I love the saying. Second, I like the way the sentiment is split up, sort of into the saying plus punchline. I might use that for title plus journaling sometime.
  8. Mushroom stool. Never in a million years would I buy this, but don't you love the colors? Teal, yellow, cream, brown. Lovely.
  9. White rabbit. I would love this for my garden.
  10. Onesie. I want someone I know to have a baby just so I can buy this for them. Can you imagine making a baby page, lots of white space, with this saying on it?
  11. Leaves and branches. I will have to use these colors on a fall page this year--green, brown, and rust.
  12. Perfume bottles. Another one where I love the colors--pink, red, orange/yellow, blue and green, all light colors.
Another place I love, Wireless catalog, has items just as fun. I think they're a little less arty, but they are clever. In fact, my favorite Christmas present from last year came from here, the alien gnome catchers. Awesome.

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