Sunday, January 24, 2010

Funny Sunday

I spent much of church this morning snickering. During the children's sermon, which linked the peace of Jesus to Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr., the pastor started saying, "So if someone hits you, you should not..." At "If someone hits you" Rowan looked at his brother and GLARED. Derick and I tried really hard not to laugh, but we couldn't help it.

Later, the same pastor in his sermon mentioned, "So if you are distracted by thinking about the Vikings game tonight..." and Dominic raised his hand!

Finally, Rowan turned to Derick after the new members were welcomed during the service and said, "Hey! When there's new members, we get cake after!" He's still learning the Lord's Prayer, but he sure as heck remembers what happens during the service for him to get cake afterwards.

I mention this because I learned this weekend I get inspiration from words more than any other source--fitting, since I'm an English teacher. This week in Inspiration Defined at BPS, we are sent a word a day to take inspiration from. Here's what I did with "tires":

I miss that scarf. Yes, that's me 16 years ago in college.

And here's what I did with "spoon":

(This layout, BTW, was a true Stacy Julian moment for me. I thought of this story right away for "spoon," but I didn't want to take photos for it. Then I thought of these photos, which had been around for a couple years. Voila!)

I found it much easier to draw inspiration from these words than I have from any assignment so far dealing with design inspiration from everyday objects. Interesting to note.

Here's two more layouts I did:

This one was a design challenge from a grid. I took inspiration from a grid in a gardening magazine.

I redid this layout. The old one was much too busy, and green to boot. I like this one much better--the analogous colors work better with her red fur.


Diana said...

Hey is that 1st layout with the Ella sketch? I love your take on it. It's such a great sketch. I have a page planned for it too.
Love the colours and combo of stuff in the spoon page.
Recognizing some SC kit papers. So great that you're using up your stash!

alexandra s.m. said...

You're so productive! and they all look wonderful, the color scheme in "Big Spoon" is literally delicious ;-)


Donna Jannuzzi said...

You really are productive! I love all of these layouts. The "Big Spoon" one is so cute and I like the OA on your "first wheels" - perfect. :)