Friday, January 22, 2010

A few more

Here's some more layouts:

This one I used maps from the excursions, using photos that didn't make it onto other pages and other memorabilia. I played around with a little randomness.

Back to my comfort zone here. Phew! I think rock star hair is a phase all boys go through, BTW.

Here's my birthday sledding layout. So much fun to make.

A sketch challenge at Studio Calico. I used their kits on these previous two layouts.

I love this layout. I think every parent can understand it. And I'm proud of that photo--I finally achieved blurred background without blurring the foreground too. Unfortunately, the photo is of chipmunk toys. Rats.


Diana said...

I love the "randomness" layout. Very out of the box for you. Pun intended (smile).
I saw a funny sign in a bike store this week: "unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy to take home".
Kinda reminds me of your happy meal wisdom. I'm currently suffering through one of the chipmunks... .

scrapdoc said...

As always, I love your layouts. That last one, however, made me LMBO (but I had to keep it quiet 'cause everyone else here is sleeping!!) Yeah, we made the mistake of Happy Meals on a 7 hour road trip. Those chipmunks totally were confiscated!