Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy week

Well, darn those Vikings. As Rowan said, "We're back to game one."

Back to business, as a teacher, I can say some weeks are busier than others. This week, for example. I have conferences tomorrow night, so I'll be working from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. I do get an hour break for dinner--at 2 p.m. I've been using a lot of time grading, planning, getting ready.

On top of that, the family business continues. Last night was conference night for our sons. They did swimmingly. Not perfect, but better than we expected. Rowan is reading well, good at math, but needs to work on his spelling. (I think Derick and I know who he gets that from.) Dominic has been working well in class, even well with others, which is good. He's also learning to persist.

Still, during a stressful week, I find it helpful to create to help me unwind. I did a couple pages with some photos I just got from Shutterfly. (Don't get me started on how insane their shipping costs are. I got the photos free for spending a sad amount of money at Archiver's, but they get you on shipping, which I have to do because with this special, I couldn't send the photos to Target. Rats.) This week I also want to send some photos to my preferred photo printing site, I have some from vacation I want to enlarge, and I have some others from October and November I'd like to start playing with.

I'm stocking up on photos because I'm doing LOAD next month. It's something Lain Ehmann runs, and I liked it when I did it in October. I got a ton of pages done, and it opened my mind to new things, seeing as how I had to do a layout a day (hence LOAD) without taking time to stress about perfectionism. Yay! But it's easier if I have a lot of photos to work with.

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