Saturday, December 19, 2009

Keeping busy

Thank you for your well wishes. Roswell is slower, and I tend to put the food and water in her crate. The happy note for her is the fact that she has been prescribed four egg yolks a day to increase her protein intake. Plus, I give her all the fat I cut off my meat. When we had steak the other night, she was SOOOO happy.

We've been keeping busy with preparing for my church's Christmas Festival choral service. Derick is singing this year too, so every rehearsal where we have to bring the boys is an adventure, sort of like the Indiana Jones adventure when he was dragged behind the truck for miles. But in a good way. I have another solo, a lullaby sung to the baby Jesus. This is a running joke in our family: any time there is a Mary solo in choir, I am asked to sing it. If I have put $10 in the kitty for every time that's happened, I would be well on my way to buying a new computer.

I am starting my Christmas break on Monday. This year is a good one: we get two whole weeks. So like every year, I made up a list of what I will do in the next two weeks. Not the stuff I know I'll do, like get my hair highlighted (appointment Wednesday) or get the tailight replaced in my car (appointment Monday). Here's a sampling:
  • wash the walls
  • put together a mini-album for Roswell
  • work out
  • go sledding with the boys
  • do my Jessica Sprague online photo editing class
  • edit my vacation photos and send them to print
  • ditto for my Christmas cards
  • finish Christmas shopping
  • download a new insurance card for my car so the next time a nice cop stops me for my taillight being out, I don't have to pray I can Blonde my way out of a ticket (that would be what happened to me last Thursday)
  • *
These lists serve as motivation for me. They help me stay productive so I don't lose myself in the potential torpor of a two-week vacation. I will relax--did you see the sledding? I can't wait--but I always like to accomplish something inside my home, since the school year, grading tends to eat up a lot of time, leaving me little time to take care of some stuff at home. And here's a layout about sledding last year that I did using a Becky Higgins sketch:

Edited to add: Most of the products on here are SEI from last year's collection, and the ribbon is Stampin' Up! I'm proud of that snowflake. I used a Crafter's Workshop stencil and misted around it in brown. And since I always think of misting after I have adhered my photos, I put scraps of paper over the photos while I sprayed to protect them. It mostly worked.

*I couldn't bring myself to put it on the list, but I know we will be putting Roswell down after Christmas if she doesn't get precipitously worse in the next few days. We just don't want to do it before Christmas.

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alisonm said...

So, who is eating all the egg white omelets in your house???

I love the sledding LO- very cool to use browns- and I really like that plaid paper, who makes it? It seems all my recent LO's have centered on browns and blues, browns and pinks, browns and greens, browns and well... It's great to come here and get inspired, you do such incredible stuff and I truly enjoy your Blog.
Hope you have a wondeful Christmas!