Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The biggest winner

I have a few shows to which I am devoted--one in particular, but there are a few I love on the air today (see sidebar). But I love The Biggest Loser, and I so enjoyed tonight's conclusion. Now, there is some staginess to it--sincerely, I want to whack the producer with my purse, whichever one decided to offer a tease right before the commerical (How much does he weigh? We'll see...after the break). Still, this finale may have been a perfect episode.

  1. Marriage proposal--hooray, Alexandra and Antoine!
  2. Second chance for Shay--and one that offers her money.
  3. New baby for Sean.
  4. Some amazing transformations, particularly Rebecca and Abby.
  5. Redemption for scorned contestants (yes, Tracey and Julio--I'm talking about you).
  6. Potential relationship?
  7. Rock star winner--seriously, the second Danny came on stage, I knew he would win. Awesome.
And of course, the best thing about this show? The fact that these contestants are about changing their lives, not about making a name for themselves. Amazing.

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Amy Coose said...

I'm a biggest loser fan, too! I loved the finale, all though Rebecca scared me just a tad.