Thursday, December 10, 2009

At least it's above zero

When I woke up the morning, it was below zero here in Minnesota. We survived the blizzard yesterday (no school cancellations for us here), though Rowan and Dominic were unenthused when I took their pictures picking them up at school Tuesday.

Post-blizzard, we are now in the deep freeze. How can I tell? Because of this:

It's hard to tell what that it, but that's the lower corner of my front door. Yes, there is ice on the inside. That little corner tells me how cold it is outside. If there is snow inside, it is near or below zero.

I did a layout about that corner last year:

Sorry for the crooked photo. The photos on the layout are a little dull, so I added a bunch of snowflakes. 'Cause that's how it feels right now.



csewy said...


I really like how you spruced up the two photos with the snowflakes!!! Another super layout!! We have been cold here this last week, I'm sure not as cold as you were in Minnesota. It was 7 during the day, not sure what it was with the wind chill!! Today we are very warm at 53 degrees, feels like a heat wave!!!

alexandra s.m. said...

what a fun and beautiful page jennifer! I love it!!