Monday, December 7, 2009

No guilt

I feel little guilt about the occasional ordering of scrapbooking supplies online because of my husband's similar tendencies to Woot.

Yes, he wooted three times, all of which arrived the same day while he was gone on business. Busted. And the shipping alone on each totalled the cost of this, which I got last week from Peachy Cheap in 4 different colors.



The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

This is hilarious. I'd never heard of Woot before.
My DH doesn't mind my scrapbook-shopping. It's certainly much cheaper than a shoe fetish, or a jewellery thing, or a clothes shopping addiction! You can get a whole lot of SB supplies for the cost of a designer handbag... .

Wookiee Daddiee said...

As a point of order and clarity - those three boxes contained Pokeman sleeping bags (2), and a Hulk Smash boardgame. I was Christmas shopping for the boys! :)

Also - today is a W00T Off (they sell items until they are gone and then move to the next one - very fun and distracting) for the main site and the kids site.

Jody said...

Guilt, are preserving memories, Jennifer!!! ;)
Loved your comment on my blog today. lol